Do content creation teams deserve recognition in the next title

I know this topic my not cross a lot of people minds but honestly I think that some YouTube team deserve some recognition in the next title. Ever since 2011 several team have been making content and paving the way for other to do the same. Avenge in 2011, Kaos in 2011 and Essence in 2012. Each team bringing their own style of game that “aw” us to the point we wanted more. Essence with the gnasher feeds and clutches. Kaos with incredible sniping feeds and tbow collateral’s. Avenge having fluidity with the sniper and gnasher. Not to mention some great edits and teamtages. When the competitive scene wasn’t around for a few years these plus a few more team gave us entertainment which gave most of us joy when watching the content. As time went on the teams grew and the content got better. More team came and gone but these team stuck around since the beginning. Me personally, I feel like some YouTube teams need some type of recognition like these pro player get. A weapon set, character skin, or something that we can get in game. These teams have worked and put in a lot of time into providing content for so many years. Trust me I once was part a team myself. Coalition needs to recognize that these teams care for the game just as passionately as any pro team out there. Give these YouTube teams some recognition and respect that they deserve.

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Not for me, as it is they get plenty of stuff gifted to them including consoles, pads, skins, characters etc before we get a chance. I’m happy they enjoy Gears though.

I post loads of clips across all Gears, I will put games up on mixer etc and will fight the cause as much as anyone. Should I be rewarded for it, no. I do it because I want to and my total love for Gears.

Sorry I may have misunderstood. I thought you ment people who do pack openings and such, with some gameplay.
If you mean actual teams, then maybe.


TC recognizes content creators in their "what’s up " posts. Helps give them exposure. I definitely would like to see more incentives for Gears 5 content creators though. TC really failed to appease their creators in #4 and very few stayed. I know a few to still create Gears content and steam regularly but they feel zero support from TC.

IDK if I want them getting special skins because then every clan is going to demand them. Or, people will do the min requirements and then quit trying.

Pros are a different thing. Skins are made to help brand a team but the requirements to be on a pro team are pretty demanding and people get dropped all the time. It’s not like friends making a montage clan.

You mentioned Youtbubers ,what about groups like Crimson and The GFC who do tournaments and events, amoungst other things ,these groups work just as hard for the community as those youtubers ,and the GFC has been a part of the community just as long if not longer then most ,the GFC started in 2010 when it was the EGFC

these teams that i mention been around since 2011. Ess got hacked twice an the been around since 2009. Yeah it a lot of orgs and team that put in work but from my stand point i was looking at what is currently happening in the community. Look at some of the teams getting sponsor ships and etc. I just felt like these team need some huge acknowledgement in the next title. TBH i never heard of The GFC or Crimson like that and I’ve been around since 2012. I really don’t hear anybody talk about them to be fair and no disrespect.

No disrespect but there’s more to the community then just youtube ,BTW ask Ess and Rawr about the GFC and Crimson they know who we are

Yes we do deserve a lot more support for the work we do. The montaging community puts in hundreds of hours a year into creating content. Even when gears was at its most vacant, the montage community kept going to keep the franchise alive. TC should really help us get more recognition with the newer generation of gears players because the older generation of gow players that were familiar with montages have been turned off from gears due to being a landslide since 2013.

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I agree. I just hopped back on gears today. I was apart of the community in 2011-2013 when Kaos, Avenge, Nova, Control , Like Butter and Iceman. Is there any too content teams on here still? Now since I’m back gaming I definitely was planning on creating content since it’s my favorite game to play and hopefully I’ll inspire other people to play.

If they cared they wouldn’t be playing for likes or infamy.

There are some good creators who want to benefit the game like Zii who don’t push montages but rather what the game needs.