Do cards stack when using silverback

Except Me…well then :wink:

Also, from what I remember a while back when Pilot first came out as Lizzie in OP2, the Silverback weapon cards only apply when the Pilot themselves are in the Silverback.

So if I remember correctly, say a Tactician jumps in, the Salvo will bleed things from Shredder, but not extend the Silverback duration, for example.

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Mine will be 100-125 as well.

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Playing Melee Classes for Sure :crazy_face:

Yep. Prepare for lag and teleporting on the map.

Which makes sense. Unique cards for unique classes.

It should be really devastating in escape. A good team Pilot and Tact to shred the Hunter LZ …
it should be fun

I know just the map to try it.

The Onslaught.
Kill everything in Act 2.

Cons- severe lag and frame drop.

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It really is.

That, as well as The End and Last Stand are both really fun to do this combo on.


I would like to say the Hitbox in Silverback ’ Scorcher is still Shi_ after having a Test for a Random Regular Horde Freezy.