Do cards stack when using silverback

Just curious I was gunner and used a silver back would mulched perks stack for example ?


Interesting idea… I know that Tacticians Resupply does and if I’m not mistaken the Salvos also cause bleeding due to Shredder.

Sounds like the Concept…when Brawler using the Silverback ’ Scorcher Flamethrower.

If it works, it will do colossal damage.

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Wound be interesting to test.

I had a similar question the other day. If Nomad has stim and bleed with Armored Shot, will he bleed enemies when using Mechanic’s turret?

I’ve been wondering too, sometimes just spamming the dropshot with the pilot is enough. I had one pilot once sharing his Silverback with me as I was engy. Was a decent combo.

And I seemed to tank a lot, I was wondering if the Silverback was counting as a fortication somewhat while in it.

Who would like to have a Test :joy:

Many test to do.
I wonder also a few time ago also if the explosive resupply from tactician could feed the silverback when in the circle.
At that time I though that it was a bit dumb and dit not ask (as I was not able to test by myself)

I can seen now that some cross testing could be worthy to be done.

I am surprised it has not been tested by some vet forumers

Jack can heal the SB (done but not sure if it is efficient)


Maybe we can test some things tomorrow?

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I have no actual idea but I’ll play whatever class is needed besides Medic or an Engineer :joy:


Or Jack = with forge card only :joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah add Jack to that list.


No worries. I need you to be Lahni and save the day just in case we fail.

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The Silverback is already fairly tanky by default(it can’t get one shotted by anything except boss one shots iirc, or at least I haven’t witnessed anything else). But it does count as a fortification from what I can tell because the same stupid nonsense that one shots forts also one shots the SB. However I cannot tell you if fort bonuses from a Robotics Expert or Mechanic apply to it.

Sad for not being Called

There are still spots. Will you be able to play tomorrow around 2pm my time ( USA, East Coast).


Yes, I Do. I always with HerrKatzchen together.

Probably first time with Full Stack of Forum Members in Horde.

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Yes, the Tactician’s Explosive Resupply DOES in fact refill the Silverback Salvo. Makes for some fun Ult extending with a bit coordination!


Then you are officially Called!



The pings in that lobby will be something for sure…