Do away with stupid requirements for medals

It’s a bad enough grind to get most things unlocked as it is with the Tod system. So today i thought i’d try and work toward the 1st place 5 times FFA medal, turns out that it’s not as easy as i thought it was going to be. This is not helped by Tod as i literally just played two games where players were teaming up to get the wins, why else would you do this in a FFA match…come on Tc sort this out it’s just plain stupid. Anyone else with similar experiences?

I ran out of medals in the game modes I play. I did FFA to get my executions to unlock lizzie and I don’t want to play versus mode again. So I tried playing more escape. I managed to get Lizzie’s medals out of the way but Baird. “200 headshots” I just don’t feel like doing that. I don’t start with an embar, he has no dmg boosts for his pistol, ammo is scarce and he has zero stim. Every custom game I see in escape is just doing speed runs. Baird is not built for that.

Play FFA golden gun. That’s how I got the medal, It’s only first to 20 so it’s easier and sweaty pro stuff doesn’t really work in this mode. It’s just shoot straight and be fast. You’ll have a better chance. It was night and day going from normal FFA to golden gun, for me, anyway. It’s worth a shot.