Do any of you guys play other shooters PvP wise?

Been thinking about picking other shooters for awhile now like CoD, Apex or Valorant. Not because I dislike Gears or think its a bad game but mostly because the population and the community diversity.

One of the main reasons I’ve stuck with Gears is because I’m already pretty familiar with its controls. I’m like a C- tier in skill level so its not low enough for me to drop PvP. But yeah I was just curious if people here strictly play GoW or jump to FPS from time to time.

My only other experience with a shooter is halo and halo to todays standards is probably the same tier of popularity as Gears. It’s fairly simple to understand aswell, not many guns or gimmicks to it but that might change on Infinite.

MW (2019) or Warzone is what I’ve had my eye on. They seem like the go to games for majority “gamers” now and days. Only played CoD4,MW2 and BO2 back in the day so my CoD experience is like nothing lol.

If you like Halo then I would recommend The Master Chief Collection. Halo 3 to me has the best PvP experience out of any shooter.

I haven’t kept up with CoD so I don’t know if the arena shooter portion is any good. I know that Warzone (Battle Royale) is popular.

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I have also been trying other shooters , but have found none that come close to gears… I got game pass in an attempt to find another game i would enjoy, but so far i still am a one game gamer… I like the close quarters combat, and a lot of the other games lack the grit and intensity i love about gears.

I got excited when i saw this topic, but there weren’t many replies, i will check back though.

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Nothing plays quite like Gears.

FPS games all feel awkward to me. I do like some Halo and plan to really dig into the multiplayer of the upcoming Halo Infinite.

I’ve played quite a bit of Cold War. I think it plays really well. Obviously some modes are better than others. CW has a satisfying feel and reminds me of Gears with the often close combat. Heck you can run around with a knife if you like, or you can sit back and camp.

Here’s the thing with any new multiplayer game. You have to put a good bit of time into it before you will feel comfortable. And realize you will get stomped before you improve.

I prefer to keep shooting mechanics as close to Gears as possible. I remap buttons if needed to retain muscle memory.

Does Splatoon 2 count?

I love other there, the Quickplay mode is all about painting the stage (you can avoid enemy encounters lol) so no matter how bad/tilted I am for the day, I can still work towards the objective,

And PvE mode over there (yes you asked PvP) has a “Ranking” system adhered, So if you played the equivalent of Master difficulty, it would be with 3 other people who know very well what to do etc :smiley:

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After playing a good amount of WZ and Apex this year, I would highly recommend giving them both a try.

WZ is definitely your more “casual” experience, with easier to use guns, perks, and has more of a focus on early game looting then hunting people down. Apex is the more “skilled” game, with guns having more recoil, longer TTKs, essential team communication, lone wolf mentality getting you and your team killed, character abilities, etc They’re both still BRs though, and regardless of what people say or think, still tough to master games and will require tons of practice to get better at and winning games consistently.

I personally prefer WZ as it’s far more forgiving for Solo players, and IMO has superior gunplay and feel than Apex.



I play Rogue Company. I love sniping in that game and the main mode is single life, which I prefer.

I also played Apex ALOT when It first came out, I mained Bloodhound because I like running ahead of the team and starting gunfight since you can scan to see where enemies are if they are nearby. I stopped playing though BRs just become a camp fest. Ill be running around for 5 minutes looking for fight then I finally find someone to fight and the whole lobby decided to come out of hiding and it becomes 3rd Party City lol almost every game of Apex is like that.

Since I don’t play often. I rather just play Gears when I can. Going through MCC’s campaigns.

However I will get Forza Horizon 5 as I’m a fan of car games too.

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Quake, mostly. Sometimes Arma 3.

Rainbow six siege is a very fun shooter, it does take some time to learn but I would say it’s worth it. However it does extremely help if you have the boys with you because it does require some coordination on both teams (Attack) and (Defend).

If you ever decide on getting it, I recommend playing as Ash, Thatcher, or Thermite for Attack, or Rook, Doc, or Mute. They are pretty straightforward classes and are extremely useful on the team. Especially Thatcher for attack and Mute for defend.

Naw, Halo has a way bigger fanbase then us.


How very dare you Sir!:grin::wink:

Gearsislife etc.
I only play Gears!

In fairness I love TF and to a lesser degree TF2, other than that, apart from Gears only SP games,

Any game developers out there… make games like gears with wall bouncing.

It wouldn’t be the same. Sorry.

No. The movement of Gears is what keeps me interested. Basic FPS game play doesn’t intrigue me.

I might play some Halo because it’s my brother’s favorite franchise, and I used to play a lot of Destiny, but that’s it. Gears is the only PvP shooter series I play nowadays.

It’s called Fortnite. Get a shotgun or sniper rifle or overpowered battle rifle and wallbounce, I mean “build”, until you can get a clean shot off, and in squads hope your teammates aren’t trolling kids with no aiming skills whatsoever.

I used to play Apex a bit, I haven’t played this season but I still try to keep up to date with what’s happening there.

I would recommend that if you have one or two friends who also want to play it. Solo can be a mixed experience.


This thread is making me debate picking up Destiny 2 again.

But I haven’t played since before Forsaken. I’m like four years out of the loop. :thinking:

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