DLC weapons in Gears 5?

Gears 5 has amazing set of weapons
But the TC can go beyond expectations and make gears 5 the first gears to ever have dlc guns. That is If the TC have the time and resources to make the dream of mine to come true.

Some dlc maps should have dlc guns.

Throw back maps would be nice with throwback guns.

    **Weapon  list for verses and horde**


One shot


Classic HB

Classic Markza “GZ18”


Digger launcher

Hammer of dawn

Butcher cleaver

Maybe Ink Grenades

          **HORDE ONLY**

Reason these guns are horde only cause skill level



Stim gas Grenades

Sawed off

Triple wire crossbow


Boom shield

Beacon Grenades


              **Gun ideas for verses**

Gorgon pistol:allows you to switch from automatic to burst fire while in game on the go

Rams serrated knife: melee with it and charge with it. Would go inside you’re pistol slot.

Golden gun: 6 bullets in the gun would take up pistol slot

Elite sawed off shotgun: except fires 4 shots the damage a shot can do is 50%
You can also charge with this weapon.

Thumper: reskin of cleaver

Freeze ray: it is a waster egg weapon

Officially not all these guns but just a list of what can come to the game.

How about no dlc weapons

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Okay but explain why not? I want to hear your opinion please. Gears of war 3 had 27 weapons gear 5 only has only 21 weapons. The more variety the better?

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More guns? Sure

The problem here is the term DLC

It implies a situation where weapons are being SOLD to us

Big no! Hopefully that isn’t the ‘dream’ you dream of and you just want more guns in the game, which is fine, some of the older weapons were awesome!

But if they’re not free then some players will have them whilst some wont, so then what? Split whats left of the playerbase more? Mix have and have nots in the same map?? (Could you even begin to imagine the community response??)

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It’s not that I don’t want more weapons. I miss a great deal of then it’s that I know if they add then they will be microtransactions

Btw did anyone notice that the Scions mainly the Salvo scions I believe HAVE Boomshields on their backs

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DLC = downloadable content. DLC can be free to. Just like the maps are free the maps will come with the throwback guns for the specific map