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DLC Maps Question

(xSaiyan B) #1

if my friend doesn’t have lets say forge blitz, but I do and he invites me to a lobby. doesn’t that mean he gets the map while I’m in the lobby? I thought before this game came out they said only one person in the lobby has to own the map for others to play it in privates?

(mendigo2005) #2

Isn’t the host supposed to have the dlc map in onder to invite others, dlc or not, to play?

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

The host must have the map. It doesn’t matter if the 4 non-hosts have it, if the host doesn’t have it you won’t be able to play it.

(xSaiyan B) #4

gotcha! Thanks

(HayMaker304) #5

Didn’t they give away all the maps?

(Slipping Flames) #6


(Senerch23) #7

All maps are available in public modes. For private modes you have to have the season pass or buy individual maps.

(mendigo2005) #8

Not really, not on horde

(Senerch23) #9

They are. There are so many and you don’t get to vote though.

(HayMaker304) #10

Yea I don’t play private.

So they basically gave all the maps away.

(mendigo2005) #11

Oh, really?

Show us, then


Lol. I’ve never understood why some maps aren’t available on public

(mendigo2005) #13

According to your friend up there, they are

Can’t remember though when I last played Gridlock, Speyer out of private (insane/inconceivable).


I don’t know the guy🤣

(Senerch23) #15

They rotate the maps every month.

(mendigo2005) #16


And you believe that?


(Senerch23) #17

I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you. if you want to play dumb then that’s up to you. They’ve been doing this for almost 2.5 years now and I’ve seen no evidence to the contrary. There are plenty of areas to criticize TC but all maps being free in public game modes aren’t one of them.

(mendigo2005) #18

Not on horde

(RelaxedHoffman) #19

I’ve not had Speyer, Gridlock or Warmachine in a public (horde) match in long, long time.


Or Checkout. Unless it’s (cringe) Trackerball…