DLC Hivebusters - Cryo grenades

So I created a little vid for anyone who played DLC and wondered about cryo nades.
I checked and confirm - they do exist. At least in campaign.
If interested, see here


Reported for hacks!


So you’re first to find this? Been avoiding DLC topics since I’m waiting for a sale later down the line. It didn’t come with my $80 ultimate edition. :cry: This doesn’t spoil anything though.


No I’m not the first one. There is a disclaimer in the vid description.
I hope you’ll like this campaign. It was fun for me and my friends :slight_smile:

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So I’m assuming you cannot do this in Horde if a player swaps their Incendiary grenades for another grenade pickup & they’re on the ground?

Would be really ‘cool’ if it’d work in Horde too! :stuck_out_tongue:

No :slight_smile: we tried and it didn’t work in Horde.

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So the Cryo Grenade trick is an Easter Egg is it? Looks more like a glitch lol.

It’s an Easter Egg.

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The fact that the name of the grenade changes means it was intended