Dlc for gears 5

I hope we get some story dlc for gears 5 cause the we didnt have any for gears 4 which was
pretty sad, i hope that the tc gives us dlc for gears 5 cause there could be some more content to the game that wont be released on launch day, but months after.

I think they will give us side stories for Marcus/JD and perhaps for Kait/Del like how did they manage to meet up throughout the story…if they meet up at least

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Our legacy is excellent story dlc, so hopefully it will return. I mentioned on our old thread that “vignette” style 2 -3 hour lore campaign chapters would be awesome.

I’m hoping the whole of Gears 5 has many similarities as Gears 3, unlockable skins for weapons and characters, progression etc, and also DLC to come out like once every month like the Horde Command pack that came out, with maps, characters and different features adding into horde. TC we need to go back to the Gears 3 ways!


I’ve got my fingers crossed. Love campaign based DLC and I’d love to see some for Gears 5 too.

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I hate DLC because it usually means the $60 game you buy is hollow, since they’re saving half of it to get more money out of you.
However, #4’s campaign was so quick that it felt like that anyway. It’s like they made it brief to set up DLC, but never came through with the DLC.

Interesting you say this. looking on How Long to beat, the “all styles” playthrough gives:
Gears 10 hours
Gears 2: 11 Hours
Gears 3: 10.5 Hours
Gears 4: 9.5 Hours
Gears J: 7.5 hours (barely a campaign at all, except the wonderful Aftermath)

This is sans dlc on any game and a very basic runthrough, not insane etc.
Ideally I would love a 20 odd hour campaign with little to no repetition, Uncharted and the newer TR can do it, so why cant we ?

I say that based on the user experience, not clock hours. The stats are deceptive because #4 doesn’t play like the others. There are a lot of mundane parts that burn the clock, but this filler still leaves the user with the impression of a shorter experience. It doesn’t involve the user enough to feel like a full campaign. I’ve seen this said in many, many reviews. I couldn’t even play it through a 2nd time because the wife and I got incredibly bored of killing DBs.
Sadly, I don’t think #4 offers any value for people who aren’t going to play online vs or horde.

Fair enough. As it happens I think 4 is the weakest behind J, which was really just an arcade/horde mode. I like both of these modes but not in the campaign. The over use of DB’s was indeed a massive misstep (at most maybe one chapter) as was the 2 (or3?) Horde set ups, very poor in fact to shoehorn them in.

As I mentioned other games do it and have mp/horde modes etc so it can be done. I will add Horizon ZD to the list of lengthy and varied campaigns. I want to spend hours and hours in Gears lore and want replayability .

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Def need a dlc in gears 5 where we get to play other squads such as Marcus and jd and maybe even one from Baird and cole?..

I don’t think we’re gonna see much of Baird and cole in gears 5 and that’s really upsetting…

I wish I could go back in time and replay the original trilogy, but it’s time to move on.

It felt really short and upsetting we barely saw cole and Baird I’m hoping they are there in some form.

Here are some dlc ideas for gears 5

Settlement 2 backstory i want to know more about it since i was mentioned in gears 4
we can find out what happened with this situation.

In gears 4 marcus fenix said he did an exfoliation mission near tollen dam so that would
be a good dlc to see what happen from his point of view.

Also another good dlc we can play as the swarm like raam shadow in gears 3 but better
i want to see how the swarm evolved during the 25 yrs after the events of gears 3, Even though adam fenix machine did kill the lambent, it caused a new threat as well. So we can
see how the locust and the swarm prepare from at the end of gears 3 until the events of gears 4.