Divisision rewards not using high watermark? WTF?

Can anyone explain WTH this means? Are our ranks going to be reset already? With the absolutely PUNISHING ranking system I hesitate to play tdm now that I have diamond. Can anyone clarify what is going on here?

What it means is that unlike Gears of War 4, it will be using the rank you finish with at 10AM PT, October 1st. Gears of War 4 (minus season 0) had a system where it would count the highest rank you achieve for the entire season so you could earn Diamond 5 and then derank back down to Bronze without worry and still be rewarded for getting Diamond 5.

This is a silly regression on their part and promotes abandoning playlists once you achieve a certain rank as their is no rank decay in this game either.


I played gears 4 all the time, I know what high watermark is and how it works. What I’m wondering (which you answered) is what happens if you just keep the rank and dont play that mode. Was wondering because (like you said) every season your rank reset in gears 4.

I kind of assumed ranks would reset at the end of every Operation just because every 3 months sounds right. Having them reset every few weeks with these Division Rewards sounds rough.

On the other hand, if they don’t reset until the end of the Operation then we’re gonna have a lot of people just sitting up around 20k rating points and never playing another match because there’s no reason/incentive to risk their rating.

Would like some clarification too if anybody knows.

Yeah I’m in on the same page MODz, would really like so clarification on this.

All of us here that browse the reddit and forum know that TC lacks in that department the most! Fingers are starting to cramp as I keep them crossed, hoping things change.

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it means you need to keep tabs on your rank leading up to the cut-off. if someone manages to squeeze you out of Diamond at the last minute you don’t get those skins.

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Absolutely ridiculous.

Man what the hell is going on with this game?
They are trying to make people pissed off with absolutely everything,


they only thing that comes to mind is them trying to get higher engagement numbers.

It’s not that bad. I don’t get what people are worried about because your rank likely doesn’t fluctuate that much to actually make you lose out on the skin. And if you can’t maintain a rank for up to seven days, then do you really deserve the skin?

Well, some people don’t have the time, or want to play this game every single day just so they can keep they’re rank. Some people grind hard during the weekend to get they’re rank up.

And now, once they get to the tier/rank they want the skin for. The’re getting ‘pushed’ into playing more because of the fear they might lose the skin if they don’t…

Ranks don’t move that fast. Unless you’re in the 90th percentile or below, I doubt you’d ever get demoted, much less in one week. I think people are exaggerating this a lot. It’ll happen much less often now that the ranking system has been maturing for 3 weeks as well - it’s much more volatile in the beginning stages.

Despite all that, you get rewarded for the work you put in. It’s understandable that most people don’t no-life the game, but don’t expect to get every reward either.

Why does everyone keep saying rank reset? In the article it is literally talking about weapon skin rewards based off your current rank on the designated date (October 1st, 10am PT).

The system is flawed anyway. I done a match of Escalation and at the end of match (which we won 7-1) I clicked the button that shows ranking points gained or lost per round, Every round we won after the first round I lost points on points on my ranking just better because people quit, I understand the match isn’t fair then but it’s not my fault that people quit, so by the end of the match (which we won comfortably) I ended up losing more points than I gained, plus I hardly died in that match.

-WcG iFredy29

Skins are looking quite garbage anyway… (Judging from that Breaker GIF they posted on Twitter) So long for caring about my rank! :smiley: