Ditching Gears 5 for COD MW

What is the plan for Gears 5? Pretty sure the new COD is going to drop the player count alot. Casuals will most likely leave as they always follow the most current games. How many of you are ditching Gears 5 for COD? I am until this game gets some major changes which will take forever.


Can’t wait to try CoD tomorrow!


I already have people playing it on my friends list.

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I’ve ditched it for Gears 4, haha…

I pop back into 5 for a game here and there, HOPING that it won’t feel so bad after playing 4 again, but no such reaction yet…

maybe will try MW :slight_smile:


I think this year I’ll let everyone else be disappointed and upset with CoD. I’ve done my time. Not good for my blood pressure.


Theres still casuals left on Gears!?


I couldn’t find any news on it, is the new COD on gamepass?


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Gears Community: They’re dumbing this game down and turning it into CoD

Also Gears Community: I’m so excited for CoD!


I’m struggling to find peak time arcade games in the EU. I might take the time to play The Outer Worlds or finally get into The Witcher 3.

Witcher 3 is worth your time. Great game.


Very good choice. I’ll be doing the same myself, I’m chomping at the bit waiting for it.


Unfortunate, thanks!

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CoD is still CoD no matter how you slice it. You’ll be back playing Gears before you know it.


I’ll get COD during the holidays so I can save some money on it. Borderlands 3 is keeping me busy right now. If I wasn’t an achievement hunter, Gears 5 would not be in my library.

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Staying on gears 5,my wallet is empty,hence wont afford any game til middle of November Then I will probaly start the campaign gears 5

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I swear Activision puts something in the water to make people forget about the last CoD. It’s the same thing every year. People get hyped, they play it, love it, 1 week later everyone’s mad at it, then 12 months go by and we’re starting the process over again.


Whatever they’re slipping in the water, they must have stole it from EA Sports.


All yearly games suffer from the same thing. I mean it got so bad for CoD that they literally had to go back and remake Modern Warfare. Everyone’s eating it up. Its hilarious.

Gears 5 has its issues but I’ll still take it over any CoD any day of the week.

With the new title update due out next week and especially when Operation 2 rolls around, all the people that “quit” Gears 5 will be right back. TC got off to a slow start but I’m sure they’ll make up for it.


Absolute masterpiece.