District game room problem, and Baird's Precision Repairs stealthfixed

Barriers can no longer be used inside the game room on District: if you carry one in there, it doesn’t extend from its shortest length, it floats off the ground whenever you’re standing still while holding it, and it becomes red/inactive no matter where you place it even if it was blue while you were holding it. Other fortifications, as far as I can tell(only tested with lockers and MG sentries), can still be used in the game room, and barriers are still usable in the outer room closed off by the two glass doors at the start of each game.

And no mention of this that I could see in the Operation 3 notes, but Baird’s Precision Repairs card no longer activates on sentry or barrier kills while he’s holding a sniper rifle.

I think the barrier not working inside arcade room might be a bug.

And I never relied on sentries or barriers for precision repair.

There’s really no need for barriers to be placed that far inside…


Exactly. Position the fabricator correctly and none of the bosses can enter the room except The Flock. The biggest danger is a Bastion-protected enemy like a Scion waltzing in.

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