District could be better

Out of all the maps I find District to have the most potential if they altered the Juice shop and the other shop (the 2 lancer spots mid map). The fact you can shoot out the front window fine. Being able to shoot to flames and nades is a little iffy, but can be dealt with. Shooting directly in the area heading to the boltok/markza should not be a thing. Same with shooting area with the block covers heading to nades. Those windows should be closed. If that is not an option get rid of the hop up and change it to a ramp or steps. Reason being is no one should be able to post up in a position and have no fear of getting quickly pushed. Going all the way through the spawn is counter productive. Throwing frags into the shops can easily be dodged due to the square block cover inside. Even getting into a position to throw a good frag will get you lancered down. Flames seem to be the best solution once again if you get them and can get in position to throw them. If taking the hop up out isn’t an option get rid of the rectangle block covers. If you are able to get all the way to the hop up you should atleast be able to shoot them inside and force them to move. For a position given to you out of spawn for free you shouldn’t be able to lock down 80% of the map. Similar positions like hop up on Checkout and the bowl on Harbor had to be fought for inorder to do damage across the map. Let me know what you think. Maybe I will put a poll up.