District Arcade Room

Thought it would be something a lot more complex, but awesome nonetheless. Thanks bruh.

I swear… I even shot at this bloody sign and it didn’t do anything! I should’ve hit it more… oh well. Thanks for sharing.

Haha! Classic Gears hit-detection! :grin:


More a case of not throwing enough bullets at the problem. The guy in that video empties multiple Enforcer and Talon clips into the sign before the doors open up.

I cant get it to work. I’m in a game shooting it, but it isn’t opening. IDK. Going to keep testing.

Can we help each other get this guys?


I was gonna try today, whenever I can. See if it opens if I’m solo.

Yea it works, just lots of bullets

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I presume it doesn’t take bleed damage :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed. I spent two whole waves and the five minutes before the game automatically starts the first wave countdown shooting those panels to get the damn doors to open. But otherwise, it seems to be a fairly decent area to have someone camp out in. Good fallback point for Kestrels, maybe Guardians and Sentinels too.

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Mind counting the exact shot count it takes?

We must find other easter eggs. This can’t be the only one lol

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That was kind of difficult. I fired so many shots from my Enforcer, Talon and a Hammerburst I picked later on. Shot count easily went above 1,000, if not close to or above 2,000. But I don’t have a precise number at hand.

I was going to check if there was a way to get inside the hotel on District - that area is also blocked off but the minimap shows it as an area on the map so there’s probably some way to get in there too? But there’s nothing really obvious or visible relating to it that would seem likely to get it open…

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So my Spanish is rusty. Is there a particular place on the sign to shoot? Both sides or does it matter?

I found the middle seems to be the spot to shoot. At least then, it seems to trigger some sort of noise when you shoot.

However, it doesn’t appear to matter which of the two panels are shot at. Only one of them will make this aforementioned noise, however, at a time, and it alternates between them, so I do not know if it plays into anything.

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Looks very cool. Don’t suppose you need a particular skin or anything for it to work

I knew I wasnt insane!!! Thank you

So I’ve done a couple runs of that room.

with three people helping I was able to get in there by wave 4. It takes quite a lot of bullets. Probably 2k+

nothing special should be needed. Maybe shooting the center helps, who knows. We will have to test further!

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Good news, it needn’t take that long at all. We got in there before wave 1 just by shooting both sides of the sign simultaneously. We happened to both be using a Retro Lancer (Mac and Kait).


ah nice, is that all then? just shoot both sides?