Distance to grab cover?

It’s probably something that’s been around since gears 3 but I stopped playing multi and became a horde main. So there’s probably knowledge that is common that I don’t know about.

I watch people wall bounce and I think it’s goofy. I’m not going to dispute it’s cons/pros but I would like to make myself a harder target. I tried doing it and I have one question. The distance you need to be to slide to cover instead of rolling. I’ve seen people rubber band down a hallway using cover/cancel. It makes it harder to shoot them. When I try to do it my character doesn’t slide to grab cover. He instead rolls. To me the hallway feels to wide to rubber band but I’ve seen people do it so there must be a way to do it.(Unless hacks but anytime you see something fishy, 90% of the time it’s not actually a hack. It’s something else)Its like in order for me to slide to cover I have to get closer than other people. It feels like there’s something I don’t know I could be doing.

Is there a button I can press to do this maneuver? Example when taking cover than vaulting over it I didn’t know I could vault without stopping until I saw other people doing it. I had to cover, wait for it to finish then vault before I learned that trick.

Is there something in the settings that lets you slide to cover instead of rolling?

Could it just be latency? I’m no stranger to the host advantage from gears 1 -.- Could they actually be closer to the wall but due to lag it looks like they are sliding from a longer distance? Although that wouldn’t explain how they were sliding through the hallway when it forced me to roll.

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U can try switching control schemes to classic alt and this then changes roll/run/slide into 2 separate buttons(x for run and roll and then a is just slide)…this will allow u to practice and learn the slide distances for better muscle memory…if u can’t slide to the wall u will just stay in same spot on classic alt instead of rolling…another key feature is ur camera…as soon as u start to slide to a wall pull back opposite of direction u slid forward to on left stick this will cancel the slide…then mid cancel turn ur right stick for the camera to face the opposing side wall and then repeat as before( start the slide then cancel…eventually you will get the hang of it and be sliding wall to wall without actually hitting a wall…YouTube tutorials and watching good players play after u die is a great way to learn


ty. I knew about the slide cancel but I haven’t messed with my settings. Making roll and cover grab 2 separate buttons sounds like a good idea.

Feel free to add me I’m sure me and @TC_Clown wouldn’t mind teaching someone how to bounce on a higher level…when u get wall to wall bouncing down we can show u roadie strafes and up a or back a maneuvers as well…I personally may have a hard time showing u reaction shots as I can pull them off but not all the time with complete accuracy …I’d say we’re pretty good but not pro status for sure :joy: .


Also dead zones…u want ur controller dead zones as close to zero as possible without having ur camera or character move on its own

You will also notice classic alt in my opinion is better because u don’t have to turn ur camera as much for tighter area bouncing which means u can bounce and still keep ur aim centered on target…larger hallways or wider angle bouncing u still need the camera movement tho

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Holy smokes!! I had no idea it worked that way, guess it’s time for a new controller layout.

Thanks a lot.

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I tried alt classic. It took me awhile to get used to the older controllers but my god. having slide and roll separate buttons makes a huge difference.

Wallbouncing is effective. Hyper-bouncing is just ridiculous and often fatal. Personally I use the default control scheme (separating the buttons is a handicap!) and can wallbounce without a problem, though I do understand the accidental rolling. To be honest, all I could say is it genuinely takes time. There’s tutorials but they’re not very useful. You just have to get the right feel for yourself.

A good map, if you want to practice, is Old Town at the Boltok/Hammerburst tunnel near the spawns. Of course I’m speaking about Gears 4. Gears 5…meh. I suppose you could use Training Grounds if you want to practice on that awful game.

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No problem glad to help where I can …it definitely took me a good 2 weeks to fully adjust to the new scheme but I been playing classic alt since a year into gears 4 and haven’t looked back since😎

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How is a handicap that makes no sense

Adding on to what’s been said here, right stick camera bouncing isn’t the only way. If an areas tight enough you can bounce just on left stick. This helps alot if you don’t play claw or have an elite pad.

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Nah, you’re right. Allocating the slide separately to the bumpers to avoid accidental rolling entirely really isn’t a handicap :unamused:.

I’ll argue this to the death, default configuration will always take more skill in regards to wallbouncing.

Exceptions only in regards to physical limitations that can’t be helped.

Without a doubt u r indeed right…default still has some of the best bouncers and definitely takes more skill to be fluent and not mess up… but competitive edge wise I like classic alt cuz I have back paddles and cuz I don’t miss roll :joy::joy:

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Haha that’s fair enough :+1: I have the Elite controller myself but don’t use paddles.

If it works for you then that’s fine, admittedly I tried it a long time ago but it was definitely it not for me :joy:.

Must…not…say…ah, to hell with it!
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