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Dissolved Lobbies

I’m pretty sure most of us will know this already. The lobbies that are being dissolved are mostly because people are looking for the map they need for TOD and Rank re-up to avoid noobs. Mostly for the Maps IMO. It’s getting ridiculous now. I tweeted Octus and Dana but you know this will be ignored. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months and that stupid map challenge is still here.

Look at this BS. None of these came up in co op vs ai or versus.
I actually bought boost because I need to finish this TOD because of limited time. (Wife’s profile)Even though it was only 5 dollars it wasn’t 5 dollars well spent. Straight up BS.

Has TC even brought this up in any stream or anything? It seems like it would be such a simple fix to remove this.


It would be nice if we could nominate maps during rounds (or otherwise select preferred maps somewhere in the options).

These “daily” challenges can sometimes take multiple days due to the required map not showing up for a vote during an average play session. Then, if you’re lucky enough for it to show up, you need it to win a vote. Even after all of that, you need to win!

Either introduce nominations, or move these types of challenges to Medals.

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The easiest fix is to simply put in a map rotation and get rid of the stupid map RNG.

Or allow custom versus matches to count toward TOD and daily challenges.

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Just play them on Coop vs AI beginner, what’s the big deal…

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They don’t come up in rotation

Then quit out, try other difficulty…

If you see a match is almost finished, just finish it so you can choose the new map.

Haven’t really had any problems with this except for some maps (lift, reclaimed) but I re-rolled those immediately.

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Then your RNG luck must be amazing. The map I tend to get the most for this challenge is Reclaimed. Whenever I have this challenge, the map never shows up, regardless of if I stay in the lobby and keep playing match after match or if I quit out and and try again.

The “least” amount of times it took for me to get Reclaimed when I had the challenge is 27 consecutive matches or 22 quit and retries.

Yet when I don’t have the challenge that map pops up all the time. The maps I see 90% of the time are Vasgar, Asylum, District, Bunker, and Training Grounds.

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Yeah, like I said, Reclaimed is insta-re-roll for me. That map just doesn’t show up.

Basically, the Gears 4 maps do not show up that much.

Your missing the point. Spent 2 hours doing what you said after I posted this. Than I finally gave up. So that’s alright to you? Waste time on a game doing that to get your TOD done or are you supposed to spend time playing the game itself? Hopefully you understand what your saying. That was real money spent to get boost. So boost was wasted and more money had to be spent on re roll because you only get one a day. Think about what your saying. Maybe you were lucky and the co op vs AI worked for you.

I only re-rolled once a day, never spended iron on re-rolls, if I couldn’t re-roll, I justed waited for the next day to re-roll.

But sucks that it didn’t work for you.

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