Dissapointing about PvP more and more

I can t play gears not longer than 3 Matches anymore. I Miss the days playin the whole night. But now in everymatch some kind of ■■■■■■■■ is happening. Quitter, gnasher shootin everything besides bullets. Matchmaking is getting a Comedy Show where silver players are paired with Diamonds. If you re lucky you get equal ranked players but than one Team is a full Stack with a Million ping alltogether. I don’t know man. Gears is my Game to Go!! I Wanne enjoy it but i m loosin Hope. I m really scared about the next Operation. I think we will play it in slowmotion due to a new movement tuning.


MP is way better with friends…

Less chance of getting a bot on the team.

All good if u have 1 friend that plays tdm also.

They dont want us to play with friends or all modes would still be 5v5 with any stack.

The most interesting move to limit parties… for sure.

I would like proof for that part…

This Happens a lot. I m wondering that you never witnessed that.

Actually only if the silver rank is teamed with at least a gold.
In that case even a bronze can be in a team with Masters, playing against other Masters.

Try Gears 4…

I went back & it’s pretty chill.

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Thought about that buddy, but i m from EU and i think i will be connected always to US Servers.

I’m UK and you are right re connection to USA, which can be bad but even with that it us a lot more stable :+1:

All ranks are mixed though, due to population? So bronze in same match with (more legitimate!) Diamond Mexicans… :joy:


Depends on the friends…

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Def not Impact LOL

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If he can make masters, so can I.
Good gravy…

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“Hey impact what do you see”


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“Hey impact, tell us a joke”


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“Kyle appear offline like the rest of us”

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when you shoot your gnasher, does it curve around the target and miss?

Actually game only looks your team highest Rank
and find opponents by that information.

That means if your team has one gold player game could set up four diamond against your team .

" It’s ±2 Rank "

Points system where more fair / legitimate.