Disregarding the new rank system, the new scoreboard is awful

I’m curious to hear from the rest of the community on this topic. I’ve seen a few people talk about their dislike for the new scoreboard and I want to see if there is a clear consensus on whether it should stay or go back to the way it used to be.

My personal opinion is that it should go back to the old scoreboard that was point-based, and to have GP’s and their allocation be something only you see.

My main issue with the new scoreboard is that sometimes, and it’s not rare, the player doing the brunt of the work (Killing, assists, downs) is not ending up as MVP because they had one less cap or break than a player who could have DOZENS less kills and assists.

Example -

Player A:

15 Caps - 10 Breaks - 40 Eliminations - 15 downs

Player B:

15 Caps -9 Breaks- 150 Eliminations - 50 downs

For example: In this scenario, Player A will win MVP despite doing a lot less work than Player B. And yes, the example is extreme, but it’s just to highlight how off the new system can be at identifying the MVP.


Should have stuck to points for the MVP for this exact reason.

Whah is everyone hits the same points?

It’s possible.

And the GP UI right there in game is hella annoying.


I like the GP on the side. Could be a bit smaller tho. It’s gigantic lol. Most games have it there like apex, but much smaller. It’s good visual feedback. I would like the old scoreboard mixed with this tho. GP shouldn’t be on scoreboard.

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Well, if people like it then perhaps a toggle,

I just wanna play & couldn’t care less about my GP :joy:

A win gets you 1.5x max of that anyway,

But I get people like it so works out for everyone!