Disregard I guess

Disregard I guess.I’m not really sure.

This post contains all the information you need- I believe you selected to host a public custom game.

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Im confused. If I have my social settings to invite only, how do people join. And how do I play solo then? What do I do different. It even says my lobby doesn’t have a name and isn’t visible to others? Are you saying no matter what I choose, its possible for someone to que into my game no matter what settings I have on? And if so, why?

Did you not read the post I linked? my good sir, if all you want is to complain, then so be it, complain. If you want answers, read the post.

You selected to host a public custom match. You need to host a private custom match.

I read it good sir. I hear ya good sir. I’m not trying to complain either. I didn’t see an option to select public or private? That is why I am confused. I didn’t see where to change it. Thats all.

When on any of the main menus click RT and it should bring up your social tab (friends in GOW5). There should be an option there to change privacy settings. I think that’s how it works.

Replied to the message. Sorry for the patronization. I tried to be clear enough in the post, guess I fell a bit short.

thanks good to know.


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By the way, its all good LSD. Its understandable being short on here at times. Their is no shortage of lil ■■■■■■■ on here.

(tries to look innocent)

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I figured it out…but its very deceptive. The box you need to click to play private is at the very top, and it says “private match” as if that’s what you’ve selected and that’s the lobby you are in. But, you actually have to click on the “private match” tab to .make it private. I actually don’t mind the matchmaking option for Horde. if you wanna play with randos but maybe just like a certain map and wanna make sure you play your character its a great option. Just wish it had been a little clearer that things had changed. Oh well…1st world problems. Toodles.

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Yeah that’s why I made a separate post just to clarify it :slight_smile:

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Well, 1st off, thanks for taking the time to let people know. This forum needs more of that and less complaining. Second, if my brain wasn’t so small I might have understood.

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