Discussion on Gears 5, CORE 1-2 players only. COMP 1-5 players

EDIT: Id remove social, core is the new social combined.

Ill explain it at the end but this is how it would go, im open to why this would be bad or could be improved.


Solo/Duo players only, No Squads. Less XP or less valued/harder chance of rewards.

- Free for all

- Wingman

- Mosh pit (A mix of most gamemodes such as TD, KOTH etc…)

This is perfect for new and experienced players, keeping the modes to be selected simple and also be aimed at specific types of players, Solo, Duo and those that want to play no specific mode but want others to play with.

Solo new players can practice by themselves and experienced players can rely only on themselves in FFA, partner up with one other player Duos’s for extra help in Wingman or practice in playing big teams in Mosh pit without the worry of 5 man teams.


All players are welcome but will be tested in competitive game play due to the ranking system and potential of 5 man squads. (1-5 players, solo players can still play in this) More XP and better rewards.

The list of game modes would be bigger and more specific to competitive/squad based gamemodes when compared to CORE you can now select the mode you want to be ranked in.


- Escalation


- Execution

- Competitive warmup , etc…

I was even debating instead of having single modes, they’re instead partnered in two’s but thats up for discussion on how it would work.

Partnered RANKED/COMP example:


- King of the hill/Escalation

- Guardian/Submission

-Competitive warmup

There needs to be a push and reward for those that rank themselves in all modes so that all modes stay occupied, though by forcing any group of 3+ to play ranked, it will ensure many players are joining into each gamemode at a time.

Now some may say “what if the 3+ players are noobs too?”, i say that by having 3 players communicating you’re still off better than most but alongside that, the ranking system should kick in and place them against similar players.

One final note, there is only ONE weapon tuning across all modes.


CORE is only for 1-2 players only, Good for players who dont have to worry about 5 man teams.

CORE is also simplified with only 3 modes foccused on 1-2 players but can be played with other groups of solo/duo players.

COMP is for anyone but you go in with the idea that there is potential of 5 man teams, it also has a competitive ranking system and more choice of modes, play with similar type of players, more rewards and more choice of what mode you want to compete in.

I think your list is too complicated.

I would be more in favour of something like the following:

You can queue any ranked mode with 1-3 people or 5 people. There is no option to queue with only 4 people. If you’re with 5, that’s a full stack and you will only face other full stacks. If you’re with 1-3 people, you will only face other parties of 1-3 people.

One tuning, one set of playlists (no core/comp groups like you outlined).

If anyone knows, could you compare this to the League of Legends system? I remember my friend talking about something similar, but I don’t play League, so idk if it’s actually the same or if I’m remembering it incorrectly.

Im open to other ideas that can simplify it but canyou explain what makes it compilcated?

Solo/Duo player do you want to play in a more friendly manner? Core. If not, COMP.
3+ players can only play ranked and that is there only choice.

It’s too complicated in that you have two separate playlists. Also the core modes are apparently unranked, which is odd to me.

Weve had that in every game though…

Gears 1 was Public and Ranked up to Gears 4 which is Core and Competitive.

No you will have ranked levels but its not as competitive, competitive has better rewards.

Social & Core Tuning =

1-2 People

-Arms Race

(Remeber this has one player base who all vote on what to play hence being able to have 4 to choose from and doesn’t split the Social playerbase)

Core & Core Tuning =

1-5 People



Comp & Comp Tuning =

1-5 People


Comp Warmup & Comp Tuning:



Just because it’s been in every game doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Gears 3 social and ranked was terrible. It ruined every ranked playlist. Gears 2 was better when there were no social modes. It was just ranked for a long time and that was better.

Gears 4 is closest to the best solution with having only two social moshpit modes, then the rest are ranked. The only problem with Gears 4 is core vs comp. Combine those into the same playlist and it’s better.

The 5-man stacks are also an issue with Gears 4, but that’s why I suggested that it groups up 5-stacks vs 5-stacks and otherwise it’s only 1-3 stacks. Not sure if the population numbers can support this matchmaking, but that’s what I would consider ideal.

My only reasons for not agreeing with this is that first of all, i want separate weapon tuning gone, it just needs to go. They struggle to balance one set let alone two and not even Epic through all the years could keep us happy with one.

Secondly i want to essentially combine your social and core modes, otherwise we get what we have now, Nobody searching for any core modes except TD.

Comp can remain the same but now its more focused on squads and playing as a team.

Social is to Ranked what Comp Warmup is to Comp.

You need a casual and Ranked for both modes. One to practice and warm up or have non-competitive game and a mode with serious games.

It also allows drop in and drop out.

Two Tunings work fine as you won’t please each end of the spectrums.

Remeber Social is one Mode with a few different modes.

Core has a nice balance as TDM and KOTH are the most popular anyway.

Wingman changes it up a bit.

Comp you have Escalation which i dislike but it’s a popular mode.

Blitz is a faster paced version and far better imo.

We only need one tuning! New players should have to go through the same thing all of us have and get your ■■■ handed to you until you are on par with the rest of us. We should all be playing on the same leveled playing field. If it’s to hard and frustrating… stop playing!

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At the very least I don’t think the matchmaking system should ever pair up a 5 stack with 5 randoms.

Especially on the EU servers the odds of all 5 players speaking the same language and therefore being able to negate the communication benefit. Is pretty low.

Oh and I’d just like add that I really don’t see any benefit to having 2 weapon tunings. Certainly not for ranked play, maybe social, but any ranked mode should be universal, well balanced weapon tuning.

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As long as we have different load out weapons… Game is already stale with lancer and gnasher.

I want my HB Loadout back :+1:

One of the biggest and most controversial topics regarding Gears 4 is having two separate tunings. Continuing this tread only serves to alienate one or both groups of players by giving special treatment towards one side or the other through updates, gamemodes, rewards and achievements.

Gears 5 needs to change this idiotic setup that segregates the Gears community. We need ONE universal tuning and the best compromise would be a hybrid tuning between Core and Comp.

There should be only TWO sets of playlists.

Social - This is the playlist for casual gamers and where new players can learn to play. There would be bots. All game modes are available and parties of 1-2. There would be no earnable ranks.

Ranked - This is the playlist where you test yourself against other players. No bots. Gamemodes available: Escalation, Execution, Free for All, KOTH, TDM, Dodgeball and Guardian. Parties of 1-5. There would be earnable ranks.


I prefer only having a lancer and a gnasher as the load out. Anything else should be a pick up. Once again it starts everybody on a level playing field

This i like, similar to what i want but ill admit i made mine the way it is to highlight that i really want FFA and wingman back.

If done your way you cant really get FFA if a single person is in duo’s in your lobby but if it makes TC do it this way, ill sacrifice FFA but i defo want Wingman in that playlist.

EDIT: Seen you added FFA to Ranked, id assume wingman is still possible in social?

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My list is under the assumption that wingman does not come back, as it is my opinion that there is only space for either FFA or Wingman and not both gamemodes.

However, the game mode that does return would be available in both playlists. If by some chance they both return I think only FFA should have a place in Ranked,

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