Disconnects are getting out of hand!

Getting kicked out of matches is at the highest point since launch. I have a feeling that this is related to the high number of players staying at home and playing games atm, but they should really consider doing something for this. This issue is getting on my nerves since the launch of Op. 3. Imagine we were at wave 32 of mastering Pahanu and suddenly…


Is this why I’m seeing a quitter in ranked every match? Ban em, ban em all. Just kidding.

I don’t think g5 is being played more tho. I see the same people every day, and it’s still 35 or 36th “most played.”

We got kicked at the end of wave 47 on Pahanu on master last night.

I had been reluctant to play 50 waves and haven’t since frenzy was launched. It takes too long and the risk of getting kicked before 50 waves are completed is way too high.

I will stick to frenzy (still had disconnnects) and ecape until i know its more stable.

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It would be nice to see TC address what’s happening. Surely they have data and a clue to what’s causing it.

I’ve never been kicked and I’ve never played master.

Maybe it’s only that difficulty.

From speaking to a few addicts, they say the kick rate for them is about 50% and it’s random. These people play at least 1-2 hordes a day minimum.

I play at least five every day and I’ve never been kicked…well maybe once I was but when that happens it’s because I’ve lost all internet for a minute.

With that being said I only play horde random until everyone drops, horde frenzy or a custom match solo and never higher than experienced difficulty.

I read somewhere on the forum a theory that it could be something to do with jack picking up and smelting weapons. We were kicked at end of the wave last night when jack started doing this - annoyingly he didn’t need to! I would imagine below elite jack would rarely smelt, especially in public games.

Happened to us today at wave 50 on Lift map.

Did you notice anything might have caused it? I don’t and won’t play enough to try and work out what it is. Even if it’s not fixed soon, maybe it could be avoided.

I’ve been disconnected from 3 Horde matches today. It’s definitely out of control. Welp, going back to Doom Eternal until TC gets this garbage sorted.

Yes it is sickening, this is the only game I play that always seems to disconnect… I really feel like dropping this game, I’m a casual regular player with a full time job, tired of booting this game up to just end up being suspended for trying to play… why is it so Janky!!!

Got a disconnect last night from a 50 horde, but my girlfriend didn’t.
Same connection and everything else was still online so wasn’t on our end.
Fiber and all cable network, no computer here uses wlan.