Disconnecting every 5 minutes

I don’t have the best internet but I do have good enough internet to play all games normally with about 60 ping max. Rocket league has 30 ping and dota has like 30-60 ping depending on how the internet usage is.

In gears 4 I always had connection issues, but never has it led to leaving the game. The worst that happened was me standing still on my friends screen and this was already bad enough as it is.

But now in gears 5 I literally disconnect every 5 minutes, this is so frustrating. Does it require that much internet speed to be able to play campaign with friends? While EVERY other game works fine. The online connectivity is just SO TERRIBLE.

And then you get random popups; connecting to xbox live while playing. Can this be in the background instead of pausing my game and my possibly even clicking on cancel which will stop the syncing.

I like the series but ever since gears 4 I have only had bad experiences with it. Couldn’t even get some achievement from horde (for the road to gears 5 series) because it literally disconnects me at wave 45. Or something like that.

Getting the same man. Just playing solo campaign just now. The servers obviously can’t handle the influx… yet they knew this was coming. Usual launch.

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That’s a good thing

I’m glad that it is recognizing internet quality when not that great.

In 2019, the standard to even log in to any online MP game, should be raised, as the system should run a quality check in the background upon start up.

In a perfect world anyways

Having slow and unstable connections be allowed in any playlist other than arcade (or social), just ruins the experience for the majority who are up to date with today’s common place internet speeds


stop attacking people here, the guy is trying to playing compaign ffs. if he cab play dota fine the gears shouldnt be impossible to play or disconnecting every 5 mins.

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Yes with friends which requires a great internet connection to do so smoothly

I’m not attacking him at all

Well I play dota with my friends as well? So why shouldn’t I be able to play gears with my friends as well…

Some people don’t have the choice of “up to date” internet but would really like to take their mind off things (military) I’m out in the middle of butt ■■■■ nowhere and can play every game with a fine connection, but this issue gets out of hand when I start a match and 10 or 15 rounds in I get DC. That’s not very enjoyable. :confused:

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This is still happening to me almost a month after release… every 5 games or so I will randomly get kicked offline towards the end of the game. Getting to the point where I dont even want to play this game anymore

Here it is Dec. 12th and the new Tour of Duty has just released. Still having disconnection problems. You can’t even play anything online to the end because of the problem. What the hell The Coalition? Get your ■■■■ together. Don’t throw a ■■■■■■■ bandaid on it and tell us it’s fixed. Actually do something about it.