Disconnected every 5 minutes from matches (PC)

I can’t stand this, every match I get “timed out” and asked to rejoin the game, every 5 minutes or less! I’ve reinstalled it and they seem to stop pushing updates, its ridiculous am I alone here? No other game does this, is this game that demanding on internet speeds?? Does upload speed matter in this case? I get 100+ down and 5-10mbps up

lad, i can’t even connect at all … Just tells me error code 0x0 whatever.
Whilst searching for a match 3 hours ago it just randomly disconnected me as it found one and haven’t been able to play since.

such a shame :frowning:
i really enjoy the small amount ive gotten to play also

EDIT: Downloaded onto my xbox and the connection issues are WORSE
■■■■ ■■■ game, never giving these guys money you can guarantee that