Disappointing truth of the locust

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I’m going to make this as brief as possible, and I may get some of this wrong.

So the locust are mutated humans? Eh okay, what about in gears 2 when you go to the hollow and there are comments that suggest the locust are hundreds of years old with a religion “the trinity of worms”.

So they are mutated humans that the queen commands, so locust drones are what 10/15 years old in gears one?

The ruins in the hollow itself look extremely old with an ancient language written on the walls, the kantus were high priests in said religion, why is all of this just forgotten about in 4 and 5?

I liked the idea that they were a species thousands of years old pushing to the surface to flee the lambent, but gears 5 reveal almost makes it seem that myrrah was “not a people person” and just wanted revenge against humans.

I was well informed on the lore, these days my memory is foggy…I smoke a lot of weed! :joy:

Any thoughts on the locust origins? Are people happy with the conclusion we got in 5?

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The locust are old in terms of the pendulum wars, not Seran history as a whole. So they are several decades old by the time Emergence day happens.

And yeah, one of the main fan theories after Gears 2 came out was that the locust were former humans (Niles, Sires, etc were the clue).


Interesting, so myrrah is super old and doesn’t seem to age all that much? Good I dont like the idea of Raam being a moody teenager!

How does myrrah reign over Brumaks? Are they mutated humans? Or trained beasts?

I feel that in 5 they made it seem like she was getting revenge on humans for her seemingly dead daughter as apposed to running from lambancy

I think I need to play 5s campaign again!

Apparently Ukkon trained the beasts. Tactics campaign may have answers.

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Yeah I read that somewhere, I am interested in the story and the new characters but the gameplay is not my jam!

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The locust were around for at least 80+ years by the time E-Days comes.


It was mostly revenge when breaking out of facility along with the other Locust and test subjects.

When they went underground and after some time, when there started to be the Lambent problem, then that’s when they invaded the surface. I think that was mostly running from lambency. Or it was both. After the ending of Judgment, Gears 1 with Lightmass Missile, sinking of Jacinto in Gears 2 and Imulsion Countermeasure in Gears 3, you could say the revenge aspect increased over time.

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So Myrrah is like 100 years old?

Give or take

The trinity of worm is what shaped the hollows and the Locust just built upon them

The language is that of the locust. As for the Kantus I dont think its forgotten more as not as important to find out whats going on with the swarm and Kait

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@Ektope Agreed! The want for revenge surely rose with those situations.

Do you remember lambency being mentioned once in 4 or 5? I dont, I could be wrong…for me it’s a huge part of the series that is kinda forgotten about in TC games!

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Isn’t it implied all Lambency was eradicated by the Countermeasure Weapon at the end of 3? So unless it’s the source of the Scions awakening from their cocoons or something, I don’t really see how it could tie back in.

The only thing they touched on in 4 was the imulsion counter measures.

Its not implied, its stated by Adam Fenix that the counter measure will destroy every bit of imulsion on the planet.


Cool, and the trinity of worms is three rift worms I’m guessing?

Yeah that’s a true statement it is not super important to know about the Kantus although it just seems like a loose plot now…

Theres a lot thats not touched on just yet. Theres a new book coming out soon as well as tactics. Tactics will touch upon the Locust Era as for the book it seems like it will be like the Karen Travis books that jump back and forth but I could be wrong so we’ll just have to wait and see

Yeah it destroys all lambency, what I mean is myrrahs drive to the surface now seems like family issues as opposed to lambency problems…

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Human exposure to Imulsion began towards the beginning of the Pendulum Wars, some 50+ years at least. Only in the last 30-some years before Gears 1 did Myrrah join them and they became more organized/aggressive

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I remember reading somewhere that some of the Locust, like the kantus, reavers, brumaks, etc, were native to the planet. The kantus were part of an ancient sect and had their own religion. The reavers, brumaks, and other creatures were just captured, modified, and controlled by the locust.

With finding out in Gears 5 that the Locust were created, I just thought they were referring to the humanoid type ones, like the drones, boomers, etc. I figured they all just joined forces after Myrrahs break out to work toward a common goal… escaping the Lambent and fighting the humans. That’s kind of what I’ve put together.


I am very interested in the story and to find out more about the Diaz lineage is exciting but the gameplay is not what I’m into at all…however do not judge a book by its cover!

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This is what makes most sense, with Drones, Boomers and Theron-type locust being engineered under Myrrah, and maybe the Kantus and their civilization was an even older–more natural evolution of Locust. Maybe if undisturbed in a thousand or so years, Locust Drones would eventually look like the Kantus?

And then beast-Locust like Brumaks were either native, or slightly mutated by Imulsion (Like real-world catfish near Nuclear plants, that grow to be 2-5 times the size of their natural counterparts).