Disappointing gears 5

Honestly in Gears 4 did a good job and logically had its lows but the game was excellent with good gameplay and the gnasher was not so bugged. Already in 5 honestly, the shot is magnetic (crap) or you don’t have to or need to aim right to deal considerable damage. The Lancer drops it in the blink of an eye and not to mention that one hour she does a lot of damage another time is not gnasher tmb and so on. There is also the LAG which is horrible making things worse especially in rank. The game lost that essence it once had. Before you trained to be good, learning wallbounce, reactions, among other techniques, to get better but now for you to be successful in the game just play for good. Honestly, such a long-awaited game with high expectations, and so far only the unsuccessful campaign, not to mention that in the store only has bad content, everyone wants black steel and they put chrome steel.

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