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Disappointed with operation 3's reveal & my concerns

How are you going to add the Coletrain and not add his maps? Checkout & Thrashball. Like come on.

This game runs on the same engine as 4 and yet every single regular & dlc map from 4 hasn’t been added yet. I can understand the wait for new maps that are original to 5 but seriously though you guys only made like 2 new maps withing like 7-8 months.

I also expect never to get my favorite characters like Sam or Benjamin. Which honestly they are in 4 and yet again runs on the same engine.

You don’t even need to make them work with horde just multiplayer. Throw us a bone here charge money if you want, I know that’s what Microsoft wants TC.

Also please make actual cool skins for guns, Every week you guys re-release the same lackluster skin set that nobody wants. Since you guys are huge fans of re-releasing content then please re-release the gears of war 3 dlc skin packs.

I’m very disappointed in gears of war 5’s progress and this being the only gears game with a playerbase on PC I have no other choice but leave gears behind or put up with this lack of effort.

Drip feeding content isn’t what the fans want & does not make your playerbase happy and if anything kills them off.

Please consider what I said TC because I love gears and I want it to be the best it can be. Thank you

Added note: don’t make the next game open world please


Lack of maps is what disappointed me the most.

Even though G5 uses the same engine, it appears they cannot simply copy / paste content from G4, I find no other explanarion for the lack in content.

Hope they realize soon that they can release new characters without waiting for the hero system, I just don’t see myself waiting 3-4 months only to see the same sh*t happen again.


PLEASE no more checkout. No more remakes of remakes.


Ok we will substitute it with gridlock but it has to have the Easter egg that plays mad world


I think RED would greatly prefer that option.


I second this.

Gears 3 Gridlock is best Gridlock.


In some cases it is possible to copy/paste whole maps between different versions of Unreal Engine. But in this case we have no knowledge how different gow 4 and g5 are, circa 4 years between those game could apply some code to be dramatically changed over time. But anyway, as we see Canals will be a copy/paste from gow 4, so it can indicate that copy/paste is possible, but you have to adjust a lot of stuff after that process (some objects could be misplaced, missing, or vanished, you need to converse all meshes used on that map, you have to rework all lightning, AI paths, cover nodes necessary to properly use covers, weapon pickups, etc.). It is quite simple, but time consuming work.

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I get people really love the map but no. just no. The map doesnt really change much. I personally never liked it and there are way too many maps in this franchise to keep getting Gridlock, Checkout, Canals, Clocktower, ect Retire any map that has had a remake, Remake maps that only had 1 appearance.

@GhostofDelta2 is there a way to put “No more Gridlock” for me where it says forum mod for you??? lol


Get @AliceInChainsaw to make you a picture with it and change your forum avatar. You could have a red line though a picture of gridlock


…well obviously, it comes from Gears 3 :wink:


While this is true that the map adjustments can be time consuming, at launch there were several Gears of war 4 maps sitting in the background not in rotation. Many of these maps were unchanged. That leads me to believe that their code wasn’t changed much between the two games when it comes to collision detection and other programming necessities for the maps. Older maps are a different story as they had much different code especially with their destructible environment.

I think our lack of content for PVP mainly comes from the team being stretched too thin. Between the problems in game and the multitude of games that they’re actually programming and creating content for I’m sure they are struggling with finding time for map building and map programming.

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I could be wrong but it seems TC is doing this to themselves by adding multiple things that each need their own maps(escape, ffa, 2v2) Something they could have easily learned from Judgment


I think you’re on to something, but I also think they added those modes in hope to be a quick and easy way to satiate fans.

After all, let’s face it, making a standard MP map requires a ton of work and testing, it is undeniably a slow process. I think they added 2v2 knowing they could kick out new maps really easily. I figured FFA being made with escape tiles would also be getting more maps in OP 3, but… I guess they are also trying to kill that mode too. It certainly does seem like they have bitten off more than they can chew.


Also…new maps aren’t a miracle cure. I don’t know why so many posters (not you) treat it like the secret to the meaning of life. Like…it would be nice to have a Ready-Up option in Horde lobbies first.

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no but It will cure boredom… as far as I know its one of the basic tasks of a game…

not even that Gears 5 is able to accomplish.

I mean, one of the main takeaways from Gears 4 for TC should of been the lack of new, original maps into the map pool. Yes, I like the Slab, I like Old Town, but I’ve played them before on Gears 3. It doesn’t take as long to get bored with them, and it stifles the imagination of map designers and artists.

There were 13 original VS and Horde maps in Gears 4, in the end. At the point of Op3’s release, we will have 9 new, original maps. The same that was in at launch for Gears 4.

I appreciate the new effort into maps, thank you for listening TC, but really, this should’ve been addressed long before this point. 99% of the player base is gone.

Good ToD changes, I hope the changes to VS and Horde are good and I hope the achievements are not unimaginative and tedious.


Maybe a slight exaggeration on my part, but I’m probably not that far off.

3 million played Gears 5 at launch. I doubt even 10%, maybe even 5% of that is still there, given the struggle for me of finding Escape matches, Horde matches, and the general health of the Escape and Horde private lobby system.

You also know you have a problem when Fallout 76 has a higher population on Xbox than Gears 5.

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