Disappointed with it. TC seems desperate

I want to like this game a lot but even when I win without even trying, I get soooooo boreddddd. I’ve always loved the gears series which was why I keep trying to have fun but it just isn’t the same. Everyone instantly resorts to hip fire on the Gnasher since damage is the same with ADS and I recently tried it for myself. Won many games in a row but got bored very quickly. I have little hope that 6 will actually be fun. Before you guys say that your having fun I’m glad for you, but for me just walking and shooting isn’t fun.

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Then stop playing


That pretty much answers that lol

I usually wind up around 50/50 on the night… but not tonight lol been rocking my event all day… and lost a grand total of 3 games :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: headshots only is love.


I’m guessing both of you didn’t actually read it through. I did state that I love the series and that is the reason why I keep playing lol I’m just basically having false hope

If you’re not having fun maybe give it a break for awhile. Pick it up again some time later and see how you feel.


Oh no, I read it

That’s just my genuine answer

We are not worthy of your presence, my Lord.


It stays a crap.


Make Gears Skillful Again!

Silence! Peasant! Did I ask for you to speak?

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I hadn’t been having fun the last couple weeks. Samey PVE challenges burning me out. Started only doing one or the other instead of both like I used to, even skipping a few days.

I think the TU has breathed some life into it though. I was playing execution for a couple hours and having fun. Highlights were when the new map Tomb came up. Looking forward to the new characters.

Ranked FFA also seems to have gotten easier to rank up in recently. In the early weeks I couldn’t get out of diamond and even bounced back to onyx on one occasion. I figured it was because I was mainly being matched against last seasons Masters. I predicted as weeks went on more people would reach higher ranks, thinning out the competition and that’s what appears to have happened. I ranked up to D3 quickly tonight. At this rate I expect I’ll hit Masters tomorrow.