Disappointed in the installement YOUR GREATEST FLOP YET!

This Gears installment is a definite FLOP the designers did way too much when they already had a winning formula with Gears4; the versus and horde had some issues but it was very playable (both modes) and extremely more social friendly. They have taken the freedom of game-play which sux elephant b@{{$ so you have to play as the character that is left over and the class as well that is so GMO corny that person who came up with this rocket science idea should be sent to CAPCOM and work over there (they suck at online game-play as well!!). Many glitches in the campaign; I am in Act 2 chapter 5 where we are dealing with motion sensor turrets and we are supposed to have cloaking capabilities in order to get by the turrets but the feature isn’t on my menu when I go to that window and that is just one of the many.

Gears 4 had many people playing until the launch of gears 5 and I am a witness to that because I was one of those players and didn’t have much of a problem finding friends and randoms to play with, When you have a formula that works that well YOU DON’T CHANGE IT, YOU ENHANCE IT!!! ADD TO THE FUN OR EXPERIENCE THAT’S WORKING NOT CHANGE THE EXPERIENCE OR FORMULA!!! I was a big fan of your horde mode, the card system was a bit tedious but it worked allowing you to boost attributes you as a player found important to your game play you could also forge the classes to give you the edge you would want to have or build all the cards in that class and use at your leisure, combine with other cards to see how your game play would be affected. These new rooms where people are not even playing the game they way it should be played, kicking out people they don’t want in the room, trying to race to get the character and class you would like to play as is GARBAGE.

Congrats on mucking this game up to the fullest when you had a formula that you could have build on and not removing most of the glitches before launch or soon thereafter. Once I have finished the campaign on insane I am trading this trash in well done people!!!


I think man you’re on point on everything you said before. .

@TC_Octus @N0DEZER0 This is another review of the game . I think should be accounted for :slight_smile:



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my friend @foosniper how are you man ?

regarding your comment " or hidden " yes I think TC won’t see this message also, I mean now that they are on the policity of not appearing to much I wouldn’t get surprised that they won’t ever appear here again hahahaha :smile:

I think the recommendation here its to stick to old gears now hahahaha

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Are you playing sat m8?

yes man of course , however I’m going to check the timezones so I could adjust and play with you guys :slight_smile:

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