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Disappearing weapons from Weapons Locker

The weapon doesn’t disappear immediately so if you place a completely empty weapon in the locker, you can wait until it regenerates one unit of ammo then you can take the weapon out and put it back in. This bypasses this glitch. It’s a bit annoying as it takes a little time, but it definitely works.


I have also noticed that the locker empties out if you fail a wave. Even regular weapons. Kind of stupid.:unamused:

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Ive seen that happen before the patch. That’s always been here I’m sure but they shouldn’t be randomly vanishing -.-

I never used it before, does Jacks perk “ammo refill when holding a gun” work at all? Might be a slight compromise till they patch this ■■■■.

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No idea if this works for everyone but someone suggested this in another thread.

Put a heavy weapon on a locker, let it refill some ammo even a tiny bit, take it off then put it back on and it won’t disappear. I tried it last night on training grounds. We had tri shots for the whole 2nd half of the game.

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The Jack ammo refill while carrying weapon card allows Jack to remain invisible while carrying weapons. Very useful for that reason.

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really? did not know that. I might have to use that now.

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I had no idea about this as well. This is a pretty big deal IMO. Is it in the description when you select the card?

Not in the description, I learned from another player, tried it and it worked for me. This was before update, so hopefully still true. Very useful for a smelting jack.

Takes up a card slot though… usually you have some folks helping you run weapons when the last 3 enemies are up

And with healing range, healing speed, optimize and 2 score cards there’s no room for it:(

Yeah this bug is irritating. Please fix.

And it’s not just with empties, that’s for sure. Literally watched 2 Salvos vanish off a locker in my last game. They both had some ammo in.

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Do you really need score cards on Jack? I use the first 3 mentioned, explosive hijack for a scion/bastion kill and the 5th perk is up in the air.

There’s nothing better to use than the score cards anyway. More score = more exp.

Bastions have a self destruct ability if you press B, you don’t need the card for that. Using explosive hijack also means there’s some… things you can’t do🤫.

So for bastions it’s useless because you can hijack, hold B instantly and it’ll kill itself without your hijack going on cooldown.

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You could use the repair speed card. Granted there should always be an engineer to do that but in the later waves sometimes they can’t repair everything before the wave starts.

Repair speed card feels quite useless too. I’d rather have the exp. If I need to repair something I just beam it, it’s slower than with the card but still fine if your del slacks.

The Del can do everything close and you can do the ones further with the beam. But I never need to, to be honest.

I usually just keep my beam on kait and rush in with her. Then grab some weapons to smelt when she uses cloak.

During waves everyone besides del runs weapons to the forge.

The score/xp bonus, imo, honestly are the only useful cards besides the healing range/speed and optimizer.

And, if you’re into placing on the scoreboards they’re a must too. Which for Jack is ideal anyway

After Scoops4 told me about this trick I run the ammo refill perk as my 5th slot now. When picking up a gun you can still cloak with it. Really helps my survivability.

What happens when you hit like lvl 17 on a character? Do they stop getting lvls? The closest I got was Kat to 16 1/2 but I started lvling up Del.

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No, they stop at 18, I’ve got 3 at 18. All you gain then is cards. No experience for the character anymore, sadly.

This explains a lot… nearly ended up arguing with randoms last night about who keeps taking the Tri-Shots and not replacing them :joy:

Hehe, first time i encountered this everyone thought I was smelting them as Jack. So I ended up picking up every trishot and dropping it on top of them😂