Disadvantage playing as certain characters?

Do you guys think different characters have different hit boxes or whatever the technical term is?

I was playing a one of the new glow drones and was owning the last few nights and about to get a call up to an esports gig. Decided to unlock the queen as used to play her in Gears 3 and have been keept getting owned ever since.

And no it’s not because she’s a women because I own with Anya when I’m cog

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All characters have the same hitbox.



Nope. The hitboxes are identical.

However some characters differ in size, so that can create a bit of an illusion and larger characters can “trick” players into shooting outside of the hitbox.


I think it was Gears Ultimate Edition that made every character have the same hit box, before that there were competive advantages to using certain characters.

I believe there is a disadvantage as playing as a Deebee since you can hear footsteps from a fair bit of distance… so you can really anticipate they’re coming.


Some are just making more noise than others and that’s all.

Whenever I play Kait, it feels like it’s more agile than Tai, for example
Or at Queen Myrrah (agile) and armored Cantus
but maybe I’m wrong ^^

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i would say there is a disadvantage to playing as bigger characters especially the palace guard

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Yeah I know what you mean. Maybe it’s just visual but it seems like you glide through the map quicker

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No doubt. I’ve played as a DB since I won my first card for one, and I’m constantly telling it to shut up. Not only loud steps but it talks constantly. Another specific, huge disadvantage is its unique sounds. Many (I don’t know, all ?) Cog and Swarm have the same sounding steps. Okay, the armored Kantus has spurs. But you can’t mistake the metallic clip clop from a robot, even the ninja. Seems the robot head sticks out of cover more too, where the living things kind of hunker heads into shoulders.

I like that it blends into the backgrounds on dark maps. Same reason I play Outsider Del a lot. On many daylight maps he blends into the background.

In other words, yes, there is an advantage to playing a character with a visual appearance that doesn’t match its hitbox.

But the OP’s question was specifically about whether the hitboxes were the same or not, which they are. :stuck_out_tongue: The visuals are deceptive for sure so can offer an advantage against less experienced players. As lots of other people have said, different character skins have different pros and cons - some are really noisy, like the DeeBees or the Armored Kantus.

Having said that, there are apparently some disadvantages to some larger characters. I read somewhere that the Palace Guard’s size blocks much more of the screen when you hard-aim. Also big characters stick out more when they are crouched in low cover so are easily seen.

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Wasn’t replying to OP. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Serious question though… I haven’t paid much attention to this… if the hitboxes are the same, is the barrel position and HUD view the same, or do they match the visual position? That would make a difference in close range gnasher hits I would think. With a taller character having a natural barrel exit closer to level with the hitbox head.

I do notice a difference in reticle vs actual trajectory when using the bolton or hammer burst. Find a small gap in obstacles and try aiming through it. I did it on blood drive, through the window. The window frame is mangled and there’s like a triangle with a direct sight to the nade hall corner. Longshot, torque, snub, fired through on track. Hammerburt and bolton hit the frame down and left of the reticle.

I play as a Theron exactly the same as I play as Bernie

If you play Colourblast or Day of the Dead, you’ll get their attention faster than the speed of light.

Visually and stylisticly I would say yes. Also certain character skins will wind up the opposition, so they may actively hunt you down :wink:
As for hitboxes etc, I don’t believe so.

I perform better with some because the way they are shaped helps me line up my shots better. It’s not something I consciously think about but I’ve noticed it happens.

I love armored Kantus but he’s too noisy and people hear me flank. Really sucks.

Some characters really blend into certain environments and are harder to tell between cog and Swarm.

When I feel really confident, I choose a bright character with glowing guns. It can work to an advantage when you’re on your game because players will fear you and choke if they’ve died to you a lot already

Playing a zombie cog is great for Locust team mistaking you for one of them, likewise in the heat of battle the Thrashball characters throw me to which side they are on!

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I haaaaaaate those thrashball characters. WTF were they thinking making them look so similar?

I would always use Ninja Shepherd but recently my friends told me they heard him easier. I guess that’s true but I seem to hear every character running up to me equally with my headset but I guess it’s a unique sound so maybe he’s more obvious in that regard. But I switched to Black Steel Kantus as I unlocked it with some extra rewards credit I had so I got a better albeit more expensive character, lol.