Disadvantage of having a high PING?

During the game, the shots of the other team had more power (Gnasher), and they hurt a lot from far away, instead we had to try harder to kill them.

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Truthfully your teams pings are in the range the advantage begins in every match I play. My shots don’t register when players with your teams pings enter against my 20-50ms ping.

(Not your ping, the others on your team. Your ping is reasonable and you would likely feel several issues due to the 90+ pings in the lobby even though they’re on your team).


I agree.

However - I feel like I’m always in a lose - lose situation.

Low ping lobby = lag spikes / shots not working

Low ping for me / high ping players = they just walk through your shots and gib you.

High ping for me / low ping for others = I can’t ubderstand how anyone plays with 80-90-100+ ping because all I can do is walk up to enemies and just be a easy kill.

That’s my experience these days of ranked VS.

Against bots? = wall bounce like a possessed teenager who’s drank 10 Coca-Cola’s and one shot every bot in sight like Rambo.


Highly VARIABLE ping, it’s a different thing.


Variable ping of players seems to confuse the game.

Like it’s all confident when they are settled but as soon as players go from 30 to 90 - the game can only take a dump …