Disabling chat was a mistake, we need a new system

The problem is people not knowing the chat has been disabled, such as yourself. So they don’t enable it and play matches where they don’t see important communication. You can’t expect people to “figure it out” if they don’t know it’s been done. If one day they saw people communicating via chat, they aren’t going to think of it being disabled when they don’t see it anymore.


Thats the mistake. How many players actually keep up to date with every change in this game or even changes in other games? This is actually the only game I keep up to date with. I would wager that any new player is not keeping up with changes made to the game on twitter or in the forums or even on the gears 5 website. Its extremely aggrevating to be in a game messaging someone and not knowing if they are ignoring or simply don’t have chat on. I will never understand TCs decision but I have said it so many times in so many places … Never do for some what they can do for themselves. This was a completely uneccessary move on TCs part and has only made a non problem a massive problem lol.


Here’s a solution: instead of a profanity filter, have swearing and cursing words replaced by really nice ones. Who wouldn’t smile if you’re beating someone and then receive a reply that contains: ‘I’m going to unicorn the puppy out of your mom!’?


so what overwatch did?

Heh since the chat opt in, seems only the ones not being “Toxic” are suffering the consequences for sure.
Talk about being completely off track on TCs part.

Generally calling someone out is not a good thing, that can easily lead to real harassment.
I would say be more liberal with the ban hammer, but MS already went away from that because it will be misused too.
I think people just need to tough it out and realize it’s just written words that can’t harm you.

If someone actually stalks you then generally the companies will eventually do something about it.
And then the opt in doesn’t help that at all either, it just protects people from something that can’t hurt them to start with.
Do what the poster a bit above mentioned, if people are so offended by words, turn them into nice little unicorn words :wink:

So a couple of things can be true at once:

  1. There are some words and phrases that can be extremely offensive.

  2. People realize this, and to use these words and phrases to insult people on a deeply personal level, will use them.

  3. If you play a adult-rated video game, chances are that you encounter the aforementioned people.

  4. Microsoft is trying to minimize these interactions, and in attempting to create a safe environment, they are making a somewhat stifling one.

Here’s the thing: making text chat off on default is not going to stop people from saying dumb offense things. This is why (mark my words) text chat will be done away with altogether at some point in the future. They essentially tried that with 5’s launch, although they had to reinstate it because of blowback. But given the current climate of Gears, I doubt we will have it around much longer.
What concerns me is that, at worst, someone can abuse their words and verbally (textually?) assault someone. But there are no immediate ramifications outside of that. But if someone decides to abuse reporting, then the person they reported risks real-life consequences, like losing their account.
What I think TC and Microsoft, more broadly, should consider is that at what point do you cross the line from punishing indecency to creating an environment where everyone has to walk on eggshells?
I kind of worry that we are crossing that line.


I could not imagine being so pathetic and insecure that I felt the desire to see people banned for bad words just so I could pretend I had some influence and wasn’t a powerless weakling mentally. You have the option to mute and block and disable chat, use it if you care to.


What’s dumb about it is that these idiots who would be severely offensive on in-game chat will just private message people now. More directly and pointedly.
So instead of something stupid to read for 10 seconds in the heat of a game…now you can have it in a message inbox, to ponder on (if you really get that offended.)
So this seems to be a real counter intuitive move and doesn’t really solve anything except virtue signaling.


We have a winner. Ding ding ding :slight_smile:

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There are some words and phrases that can be extremely offensive.

People realize this, and to use these words and phrases to insult people on a deeply personal level, will use them.

That is the main thing I think, I will do that, if you can get an enemy to hate you an focus on you, that is a pure win.
Someone that is acting without thinking is a win to the team he is not on.(It fails often too, so probs to people that can keep their cool)
In any serious competition that is common sense.
I still find it soo odd that people get offended by words.
To be honest, I find executions to be disrepectful in a good game, I would never start it.
But I will pay you back if I get the chance.
How is that so different to trash talk ? Snowflakes…


I can insult you a whole game long and still wish you a GG after it.
I don’t know 99% of the people I play against, if I can find your trigger i will help my team, if I can’t find it or you have none congrats you are were you should be.

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I think after a while most if not all of the vets/hardcore fans will have caught on and turn the chat back on. The last few games I’ve been in the chat has lit up like a Christmas tree.

I played a couple ranked games before the change with my wife who doesn’t play often. She was getting battered right and left for her poor performance by her own teammates to the point that she literally didn’t want to play anymore. Some people are way too serious about this game and their mission is to hurt you with their words and sometimes it works. Needless to say she got over it but it did get to her at the time unfortunately.

I can see both sides of this honestly.


people play a game where you can tear someones arm off and beat them to death with it yet they can’t take someone typing a word that hurts their poor wittle feelings


But see your wife got over it ;). She did learn the most valuable lesson.
(Sticks and stones and so on)
And to be fair, in the end it has little to do with your wives performance.
No one likes to lose, having a scapegoat for your own failure is much easier, I am absolutely not free of this.

Btw, one thing I cannot stand, is people making fun of the last person crawling on a 2vs2 gnashers(Not talking about executions, just prolonging the game for no reason than to make of fun of the down person).
It’s irrelevant if it is me or even someone I know.
If you can not show the least kind of respect, I will show you none.
But again, this should never get in the way of winning. But there is alot of time for words during the rounds :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uh oh, someone didn’t like my helpful tips.

Embarrassing tbh.

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lmao, ur the reason TC disabled text chat for all of us :rofl: :rofl:


it is still in the game but i hope they remove it in the future. way too many people typing one letter at a time with their controller and being “afk”

either remove it entirely or force it to keyboard only

Which is good. Recently played some ranked FFA and for once ended up with potatoes in the lobby and won. 20 seconds after the match ended I got a message telling me to commit sudoku. Good thing is , you can report messages directly and “K Y S” seems to be an autoban if it gets reported. Got a message from XBL shortly afterwards.

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I don’t know, I’ve never played that.