Disable voting for maps in ranked and making a weighting system

voting for maps in ranked is stupid as it can just make stacks vote for a map that they are comfortable with and thus people can get high ranking by just knowing the ins and outs of a a handful of maps instead of all the maps in the rotation.

Design a weighting system where players can mark their most wanted maps that they would personally want to play, So then instead of voting for a map, the game will auto select a map based on a % chance based on all 8 players in the lobbies weighing everyones pref’d maps and seeing what they get.

Example, say there are 10 maps in a rotation. Players are able to make a priority of 3 maps they really like and want to see more. They go into a game. The game reads the players map preferences as well as the other 7 players. Even if this player pref’s these 3 maps, they can get a map that they didn’t want, or any player even wanted. This is to keep ranked competitive and so that people cant just vote for maps they want all the time and manipulate the ranking system (which is already bad btw).


they should have have maps in rotation like Siege, take some maps out of rotation for x amount of months (keep them in private matches ofc) and keep maps that dont have a high pick rate.

Democracy doesn’t work.



3 map choices is kinda wack. Should be 2 then a tie break to a random map. Like gow 2 <3

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Terrible idea. What if it’s a terrible map? Want to see how fast a lobby becomes a 1v2?

that’s a neat idea (you play Ranked :thinking:) and it has been discusses many times before, but at the end of the day democracy always wins :joy_cat:

a simple and easy solution would be to just have a 4th option that lets you reroll the map selection, far too many times I see 3 maps that I don’t care for but am forced to pick one so it would fix that issue.


Can we also remove blood drive from any vote


I’m ok with it, as long as it works… can play different variety of maps

I say works cause I’m still having flashbacks to 4 when before the voting was a thing, I still landed on Blood Drive 6 games in a row

Then they added voting “yay not the same maps!” Then they voted Blood Drive 6 times in a row “nevermind”.

Not even exaggerating, I have literally played that map 6 times in a row on 4, both before and after the voting option.

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I liked the old rotation style. Made you play all the maps. Personally I begin to lose interest when I play a map 3 or 4 times in a row.

Democracy only sucks when you are on the losing end of it.

Long Live Guardian!!!


Interesting. I like that idea.

I’ve always disliked the voting system and I would much prefer this solution or a simple map veto a la Halo 3.

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Ha! Precisely what I was going to suggest. It solves every possible issue in one go.

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Yeah, I never quite understood why they went away from it in Reach (slightly off-topic here but oh well).


Seems to be a running theme in the video game industry where good features are seemingly lost without reason and with no decent replacement.

RIP War Journal.


Uh. No.

I don’t care what stacks vote for just make it so that after 3 matches of blood drive, its stop being an option to vote for in my lobby.

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