Direct Characters BS offer is a damn fraud

What’s the purpose of this? I feel stolen by you TC.
If you will release individual blacksteel store for now, you must refund us to all people that spend A LOT of money with your fraudulent and repeated items droping loot boxes, called as esports suporter packs, because to get a favorite character or weapon skin, you had to spend 30-60 USD or more, everytime you release new pack number version…

Id you release individual store, give us a REAL disccount for us, the players esports supporters that we have purchased 5 or more packs over time of gears4 life, or that this new individual store DON’T be CHEAP…

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I understand your issue with it, but it’s a good thing for the long run. Think of it like this, maybe going forward or in Gears 5, they will remove the RNG altogether and then YOU don’t have to spend as much money in the future either. It’s good for everyone, including you and everyone else who bought a lot of RNG packs in the past.

I think you are trying to say that you want the store to be really expensive for these characters? But why spite everyone else just because others were screwed in the past? I’m sure there’s a cliche to write here. I’d understand the characters had special value, but would it devalue your BS characters just because other people got them easier?


I’m a big believer in supporting people when they do the right thing. I have been calling for TC to stop asking us to gamble with real money for over a year now. It looks like they are finally making better choices. Let’s not punish them for that but instead show them that this is what we wanted all along.


There is a pro and con to this with obviously the con being for people that dumped money into the RNG but I’m so happy they’re doing this. It took them long enough but I am gonna love getting what I actually want instead of this random garbage.

Black Steel DR-1 I’m coming, baby!

…all I can say is about damn time