Diner Glitch (Seeing enemies through walls)

My friend Disarm discovered this glitch on Diner for PC. Press * once or twice and this acid trip will happen to your screen.

You can see all people (teammates and enemies) on the map through any structures. Enemies are red, teammates are blue. It also keeps framed figures of past movements. This seems like a development feature that got left in @the-coalition ?

Works on AMD and NVIDIA cards. It may work on console if you plug in a keyboard, but no one has tested it yet.

Anyway, can Disarm and I get a Blood Moon Imago for this? Call it an extra Easter Egg that we found. (I’m only half kidding - please give us the Blood Moon Imago).

Edit: Creepyarm and l ToonLink l too


I want Blood Moon Imago aswell pls k thnx (i found out it was one key not multiple) @API wink wink

These filthy pc cheaters are blatantly wallhacking and demanding bloodmoons for it? Disgusting! Sad to say it wouldnt be the first time.


Works if you press alt + f4 too


Instructions unclear, closed game instead


This is a legit strategy. You may not like it but you HAVE to respect it. Blood Moons for everyone except Teady.


Call me when they got that colour blast blood moon, ill ** real quick if you know what i mean. hehe

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Please don’t do this. Not in front of the children.

I had something like this happen a few times. I’ll try to replicate it but it requires a 12 pack of Lagunitas and only seems to happen after 3am.