Difficulty Settings Missing


I am playing Gears Tactics on Gamepass Windows.
It seems that for some reason my version of the game
does not have the option to change difficulty. Has anyone
come across this problem? I

@GhostofDelta2 think u may be able to help this guy??

Im console so dont play this.

Welcome to the community

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No worries - thanks anyway.

Will check the game shortly and see if I can notice anything on my game.

Just checking, do you have ironman on or off, and what difficulty are you playing?

Edit: loaded up a game (experienced) and there was no ability to change difficulty in the convoy or during a mission

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I know that this topic is old, but I found the same problem and a possible “solution”. I just tried once so I can’t say that this works 100% or if I just have some “luck”.

Playing on PC (Windows), on my save for normal game (without Jack), I wanted to start on Beginner and change difficulty for the achievement involving using 1 soldier on an Insane mission, but I never found the option so I just started on Insane. After completing the first mission, I turned off my PC and went to my Xbox Series X to see if the option was missing too.

On Xbox that option appears without problem, so I changed my Campaing from Insane to Beginner

To my surprise, I went back to play on PC but now the option appears, so maybe playing on Xbox “unlock” the option for PC