Different ppl different problems

How is it that there are hundreds of strange lil bugs n glitches in this game but so many different ppl get different ones? Are we not playing the same game running the same code in unreal??

I use the engine, as a hobbyist an quite frankly its a minefield with the amount of ways a dev can stumble unknowingly, theres jus sooo much to it to the point im truly shocked full working games get made atall


Obviously they do n all, tho with my limited knowledge I struggle to understand how for example if 1guy cant equip his marks, how can any of us? Why is this guys code functioning differently to mine? Its the same right?

So much I don’t understand, would love to know how much of this game is written in C and how much with blueprints aswell, as they can get real messy

Anyone have any insight besides dif pc setups?

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As far as I know man the Game its coded pretty much the same way across, however it does have slight changes on procedural scripts for PC and for the Xbox. depending in with environment you are running it.

It connects to a database that is mounted on the cloud via Azure in which then replicates the code accroos diferente zones ( or at AWS LEVEL: Geographical Zones) in which the game fully runs in different environments depending on where you are located, the Database that it should be a Cosmos Db within the Azure Cloud services its the same and on that matter its consistent at DB Level.

If you happen to see changes of how the game behaves differently for some guys , its due solely of programming foul ups that the dev’s had at the time of their different deployments and revisions of the game code.

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Thx 4the insight, sounds hard to get right, think im done with unreal tbh, its just too much for 1 middle aged man.

I did help TC fix the dbno issue in OSOK back in 4, they gave me some skins 4it an we got to play the mode right, thats like my crowning achievement with the engine tho, maybe even in life lol :rofl::sunglasses:


since a lot of things are involved now due of the cloud capacity ( AWS, AZURE or Google Cloud) , making games has been a task more complex than in the days that it was created the original DOOM by john carmack.

However its great man that you do have insight on these kind of topics, nowadays people only play the games and don’t know how the whole thing works… you just keep at it. at the end we all learned from one another man .

Regards = )

Even tho, the sh#t they pulled outa their as*es back then was incredible, seen all the makings of vids an speaches on development, its literally where my want to build games stems from :grin:

I suspect you know all the material I refer too :muscle:


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Theres allot of client to host, client to client. what loads and what start when. did someone skip something that shoudve start.
Different unlocked things for different players… Different loadtimes.

So many checks. all the time.

Its even hard to make singleplayer games.
Saving and loading.

However. The hardest part of developing… is communication and to understand the main goal. The problem today is that theres allot of devs that are working on projects that they don’t wanna work on. So they have no real joyment of working… and ■■■■■■ salary. And its hard to breakthrough when ■■■■ gets decided. The bigger the studio the bigger the egos.

Allot of people are liars and want fancy resumes… rather than making games

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Could not get my head around saving an loading an how that mess works, too many variables (ha)

Well theres many different states in a game that has to be saved. Say you change a skin on a character, change some settings. That has to be saved and if you turn off or go to another section of the game it has to be loaded properly. Then add other players that has not unlocked those skins or that character, has saved other settings. Then joins the other player mid game. What should be shown. For who. Then they play on ssd and hhd. I mean this is just fast typed out. And a scratch on the surface…