Different Controller Sensitivity Issue Campaign vs PvP

Recently booted the campaign up for an Inconceivable run and noticed my sticks were way more sensitive than they are in PvP. I know most of the PvP tuning didn’t carry over but why do my sticks feel so significantly more sensitive?

For context I play around 28 across the board with an altered deadzone and max acceleration. I’m not nearly as fast in PvP as I should be and way too sensitive (fast) in PvE.

Am I missing something here?

Edit: modified the title as this is a campaign only issue as Horde, Escape, and PvP all run the same

I believe they operate on different “tunings”. I don’t know if that’s the right word. I remember in a stream someone from TC said that campaign and PVE used the gow4 (yes 4) 1.0 tuning. IDK if that’s still the case…

Either way, I’ve noticed this in the past as well. Not sure why it would be different,… well actually it’s Gears5, so yeah- that explains it.

This is correct, the game was designed with a weapon tuning for PvP, PvE and Campaign. There are no major changes as in “Oh my God this is another world” kinda thing but there are subtle changes that will impact on your sensitivity.

Prior to the last tuning update, the running speed was the same for PvP and PvE but as you noticed, there is a distinct difference now.

I’m not referring to tuning or running speed or anything of the sort. I’m strictly referring to a discrepancy in my controllers’ stick sensitivity in PvE vs PvP. Those should be universal and they’re not. My aim is wildly all over the place in campaign, however, it is much slower in PvP. That shouldn’t be.

I mentioned earlier I’m almost maxed out across the board in sensitivity and with max aim acceleration, and I feel like the campaign represents this more accurately. In PvP, my stick movement feels off and slower.

It is the tuning. I use 29-30 for PvP, 28-26 on PvE and went even lower while playing campaign on insane.

It doesn’t need to make sense, the game was coded that way.

Seems strange because my experience feels the opposite. In Coop vs AI(which is the only thing with PvP tuning that I play) I often end up overcompensating on trying to shoot a moving enemy which I’m putting down to the reduced overall aim assist and lack of adhesion while PvE still has TCs ■■■■ and ridiculously overtuned aim assist with adhesion that makes me struggle to track and shoot moving enemies properly(an issue I hardly had with Gears 4 in PvE with less aim assist… go figure) while adhesion sometimes drags it around for something I’m not even trying to shoot(why can’t we turn it off? I don’t count “Aim assist off” because it gets rid of ALL of it instead of just toning down friction and disabling adhesion), and I have little of those issues in the Campaign where usually my aim goes where I point it.

For reference, I play with the same settings I had in Gears 4(after I moved from the default 10-10-10 to what I use now), which is 17-17-15 iirc, a point I settled in after trying out different settings. Anything higher feels a like a little too much and going in the region of 25-30 just makes the camera look all spazzed out and I don’t see how anyone aims properly with that.

Something isn’t right here. Controller sensitivity SHOULD NOT be impacted by character movement and weapon tuning. I always turn off aim assist when I play any shooter. My aim doesn’t snap in either setting, but trying to snipe is an entirely different game in PvE vs PvP. This was not the case in any other Gears game, period.

@TC_Kilo1062 are we missing something here? Is this intended? Bug?