Difference in winning and losing points

The points system in ranked seems worse than ever.

When winning games and playing well, I seem to gain minimal points, most of the time I don’t even get into treble figures.

Yet when I’m in a losing team, I lose hundreds or thousands of points each time.

Doesn’t make sense :man_shrugging:t2:

Game is quick to bring you down but really slow struggle to get anywhere.

It’s counter productive at wanting people to play and get better.

The wins and MVPs aren’t worth enough and losses are too harsh.


Yip. Lost three games and dropped two divisions, losing a total of about 1,700 points. Won two games afterwards, MVP in one of them, gained 400 points :man_shrugging:t2:

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I get it’s skill based,

But one or two matches can literally wipe out all the progress you might have made the past 5-6 games or even a whole night.

Like seriously, the matchmaking is so one sided, sometimes, you can’t win no matter what.

So many quitters and AFK players too.

System needs to be Skill Based sure,

But needs to motivate you to play and not just wipe out progress so quick.

My wins almost always result in 0 points even when MVP. But every loss is substantial sometimes several thousand. It’s almost like they are trying to push the small remaining players away with every decision they make.

At this point they need to be making wiser decisions that don’t further discourage players from wanting to stay.

Content needs to start dropping immediately. The fan base is dropping off quickly. There needs to be more maps soon or even the most die hard fans will move on.

In my opinion, it should be much more towards individual performance.

For me, it was easier to get to high master rank before. Now, i struggle because I get weighed down by my incompetent teammates.