Difference in fortifications at higher levels

I’m wondering exactly how a level 2 barrier is different than a level 1 barrier. Does it take longer for enemies to get through? Does it simply have more health?
How about a level 4 MG Sentry vs a level 1? Does it have more health? more bullets? a wider range? does respond to nearby enemies and start shooting at them faster than lower level sentries?
How about decoys? Simply a matter of health, or are higher level ones more attractive to the monsters?

Is any of this documented anywhere? Is there a wiki? An official Horde Guide published by TC? or is it just something we’re supposed to figure out through our own observations during hundreds of hours of game play?

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Well @Hu1k_Daddy post horde guides on here almost all the time. So you can just check those out if you’d like.

But I think Razor wire makes enemies move through slower and does more DMG while the level 4 sentry vs level 1 does more damage,wider range and way more ammo.

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It’s true that level 2 barriers would slow down lot of enemies. However, I prefer quantity over quality when it comes to barriers and I mean level 1 barriers are so much better because you scatter them all over the map and it’s so much cheaper rather than upgrading it to level 2.

Level 1 barriers are much better for all engineers to, it takes less time to repair. Level 2 barrier will take longer to repair for mechanic class, however, for robotics expert it has no problem because the combat engineer card makes so much difference.

As for sentrys… I hardly focus on that garbage :joy: