Difference between koth and tdm players

Is it me or does koth rank placement is better than tdm? Not once i saw ppl in tdm that were onyx 3 or even diamonds and they were playing like silvers but in koth ppl are playing like they really achieved their ranks. For example today i was playing 2 tdm matches and in one i had a teammate who was onyx 3(he also had diamond skins) but he ended a match with 3 kills and 11 deaths, but in koth all my teammates were very good and they knew what to do even though one of them was silver(but he played better than some diamonds in tdm) What do you think about that?

It’ll vary from match to match. I see higher lever koth players who go afk half the time. I see D4 TDM players go negative. Anything can happen in a match but I don’t see a big difference in skill between rankings in the two modes.

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Different modes and different playstyles. I usually go kamikaze in koth to get the break and that attitude sometimes gets stuck while playing tdm.

In koth the objective are points and in tdm kills, so it makes sense to me that a diamond koth or tdm won’t neccesarily have the same rank in other mode.

Pretty much this.

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