Difference between Collector's Onyx and normal Onyx?

I’ve got a 1000 iron burning a hole in my virtual wallet. I know I can get the standard Onyx guard for free shortly, but I see the Collector’s versions that I can get right now for 500 iron each. Has anyone unlocked the Collector’s versions, and/or the standard variants yet? Can you describe what the differences are so I can decide whether it’s worth it to pay iron for the Collector’s variants when I can get the normal for free? Basically, I need to know that these ones look better. Otherwise, I can save my iron for whatever they’re selling for Xmas.

A little bit of blue details. That’s it.
Save your iron.

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All that’s different is they have flashing nipples. Bit of a joke tbh

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the difference is so subtle


Well, you guys convinced me. Looks like I don’t need Collector’s Onyx Guards after all. The regular ones suit me just fine. At the very least they should have gave the Collector’s versions chain mail. If there was chain mail I would’ve bought. Yet, I don’t see any chain mail.

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For me the collectors edition looks like an onyx guard that is in a training sim and they have blue and red team…