Didnt work for judgment, wont work here

You guys remeber Judgment? me neither. They tried to casualise gears. They tried to make the game more than a “one gun game” (only noobs think this is the case for gears.) They tried to expand the player base and they failed. The people who cry about the gnasher will be gone in 3 weeks and will never been seen again until the next gears game comes out.

Gears was not, is not, and never will be a causal game. So lets stop acting like that will ever change. If it wasnt for the gnasher game play of gears, the popularity would be about the level of lost planet. Pretty popular game no doubt, but any where near gears level? nope.

wanna know why that is? is because Lost planet doesnt have a hook that brings players back every single day for years and months at a time. Gears does have a hook. Wanna guess what it is? Its the gnasher and the movement. they compliment each other perfectly. Its hard to master both those thing, but God when you do it rewards you like you wouldnt believe.

Cliff Bleszinski said himself, once you release a game, its no longer your game, its the fans game. Gears is our game, the only reason why we are even here today, the only reason why after 6 games we are still planing on releasing more, is because of the competitiveness of the MP.

rn gears multiplayer is not fun. Everyone I play with, or watch stream (that isnt a pro in a full 5 man group 90% of the time) complains. We arnt having fun and its only week one. Imagine how dead this game will be in a month, 2 months or even a year. Embrace the high skill level of gears. accept the fact that the gnasher gamplay is the most fun part of the game for most of the people who play. Dont make this game for people that will leave next month.


Long post, but I completely agree. It is funny to see people argue that the gnasher shouldnt be as strong or whatever. But without it, we probably wouldnt have made it to 6 games, 7 if you include UE

You should see what they did to horde rofl


Oh look, another tryhard crying because they can no longer simply wall bounce and gnasher around the whole map. I’m glad you believe the success of the entire franchise centers on a single gun, not the lore, characters, overall game play or unique elements to the franchise… Nope its a shotgun, in fact they should name the next game gnasher of War, don’t program any weapons into the game besides the gnasher, maybe then the constant tryhard crying will cease and you all will be happy.

lmao imagine trying to criticize someone for doing something that takes massive skills. I have always used the lancer more than the average player, but I never wanted to see the game turn into what it has become. And if you think all that other stuff you mentioned is the reason this game is as popular as it is. why was judgment dead on arrival?

Gears is absolutely popular for a multitude of reasons, but the Online, at it’s core, is a shotgun game. Like i always say, every weapon has it’s place, however, the core gameplay is shotguns. every franchise has it’s style and that’s just always been the style for Gears.

just like gears 5 has been gettin ripped a new as shole by the community so are you bud lmao. the s hit you just said lmao i cant even. good ■■■■ gears vets. this dude is def part of TC and hates the fact that this abomination is not being accepted by the old guard. again lmao. yeah you can enjoy judgement 2.0 bud. it will be dead just as quick.