Didn't get my all my Hivebuster skins

I didn’t get awarded the skins for The Hive even though I was top 1%. Earlier this week something weird happened where my top 1% time got deleted and it gave me what i’m assuming is one of my previous times of 26 minutes. It was upsetting but I thought well whatever i’ll just do it again, so I did. Got another top 1% time -13 minutes and thought I was all good. Nope.

Last night I checked my time before I went to bed to make sure none of my times reset again or anything like that and I was good. I just logged on and I got all of the rewards for The Wanderer, but not for The Hive. When the rewards screen popped up it said my time was the 26 min time that it reset me to earlier this week and it said I was top 4600%. This has to be a bug.

Anyone else having issues like this? I really want my skins.

Yes, there’s a few threads up right now, some people have recieved them and some haven’t. Seems surface level random.