Didn't get desert fahz

Hit the needed tour rank to get desert fahz but the game crashed, Now i’m at the tier to get him still, but it wasn’t awarded.


I noticed this also, I just unlocked him on the TOD but he doesn’t show up. Not much seems to work correctly in this game :thinking:

This happened to my friend, he rebooted the game and had access to the skin

Restart has done nothing for me sadly.

Could be server lag? Hope you get the skin soon

Thanks man, hopefully it shows up soon. Would suck to work towards him and then not get him.

I thought the same but once I was NEXT rank he unlocked.
Hopefully that is what happens 4 u

you have to pass the rank he is currently on, Let say officer II is where scarred JD is well once you get there you have to pass to officer III to actually get him

Happened to me with my sergeant banner but after a while and restarting the game it was awarded