Didn't get all of the eclipse weapon skins

After purchasing the operations bundle 2 I noticed that I didn’t get the eclipse weapon skin for all weapons. I’m missing it for the enforcer, hammer burst, braker mace, retro lancer and overkill. Why is that the description of the bundle in the ingame store said you get the eclipse skin for 18 weapons but I only got it for 13 of them

Wait an hour or so and they’ll pop up. It’s a known glitch/bug/wtv.


Oh OK thanks

Same happened to me.

If I had to guess, originally there was only going to be 13 in the pack. Then TC changed their minds and added the full set instead of selling the rest for iron.

I bought it 2 hours ago and haven’t got the characters or the skins yet

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I brought the bundle yesterday - got the boost and iron but still waiting for character unlocks - says I own them but still greyed out and can’t select them to play. So frustrating- anyone else had the same?

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Still waiting 24 hrs later (see comment below!)

Mine popped after closing and restarting the game.

Same, but I bought it 12/11. Didn’t get ANYTHING and requested a refund from MS.

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Glad to hear, I’ve closed the game and restarted the console probably 4 times since I’ve bought it and still no go on chars or skins…been like 2 or 3 days

Edit, finally have everything now.