Didn't claim my season 3 skins

I wasn’t aware until this past season that you got skins for each tier that you reach. So I did claim my season 4 weapons, but not my season 3. Is there any way to get them now? I don’t see them anywhere, so I am assuming you can’t, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing them.

Few things to note:

  • Season 0- 3 weapon skins are given on a playlist basis and so not all weapons are awarded, and you get skins for your highest rank and everything below. (E.g reached onyx, you get onyx and gold, silver, bronze).

  • Season 0 - 3 awards was distributed at the end of season by TC, so check https://Gearsofwar.com/cards and search for ranked skins to see if you skins from season 3.

  • if your missing ranked skins from season 3, chances are you either placed in a rank too late, didnt achieve a rank or the mass distribution missed you out (unlikely). If its the last option then TC wont assist at all, in fact they dont do help in that regard.


Thank you for your reply.
I just checked my rank from season 3 and I placed in onyx. I don’t believe I placed too late, because I was an onyx most of the season. I just wasn’t aware that I needed to claim the skins at my stats page. i did that with my season 4 skins and got those.
So basically, It’s too late to claim them now?

You weren’t able to claim them in Season 3. They were automatically given to you by TC about 2 months after the season ended. So if you don’t have them, it’s TC’s fault, not yours


Ok thank you. Anyone I can contact about this?

I’m not sure. I would try @CoaltionGears, @OctusTC and @danasissons on Twitter.

But before you do that, check the picture below


Those are the skins awarded per playlist for Season 3. So if you got Onyx in TDM, you would only get the Onyx Gnasher, Retro and Torque. See if that lines up with your inventory.

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Oh thank you. I did get onyx in TDM and got those skins. I had assumed they were from season 4 because I got them there too. My mistake.

No problem. And yeah starting with Season 4, they made it so every playlist gets the same 5 skins. They are also claimable and listed on the My Rewards page. It was pretty confusing prior to Season 4.

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Yeah. I’ve only been playing since season 3. So I’m still trying to figure a lot of stuff out.
Thanks again!

In any case, there is no point in contacting TC, because they arent going to fix missing skins. If they did it for him, then they will have to do it for everyone and this isnt something they going to do since its going to waste resources. OP (while it’s TC fault), just have to move on.

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Actually, I got mixed up. I was assuming that season 3 was like season 4, where you had to go to your rank page and claim the weapon. I didn’t realize that they went automatically to your inventory in S3. I only ranked in TDM and got the Gnasher, Retro, And Torque skins. But those skins were also in the S4 ranked skins. And I was wondering why I had duplicates of those three skins. I thought every season had different weapons. So I assumed that I missed out.
bottom-line is that I have the skins, I just didn’t know they were from S3.

Octus actually said on stream that someone who didn’t get their skin should tweet at them. So people that are missing skins should at least try tweeting.