Didn’t realize this

For about a week or so I didn’t play Gears 5. It wasn’t on purpose. I just got really bored of it. Played a few other games and came back to this one today. Now I finally realize how SLOW the gameplay is. I don’t know what’s going on with TC and devs leaving, but I can say that this just feels extra dumbed down for pick up and play. The core gameplay has been modified. No need to actually get better at the game anymore. No need to out any though process in tactics. I’ve heard people claim that walking and shooting is a tactic. Really now? This is what it has come to now TC? Gears 4 was great. It actually took some time and patience to master the skills that is…WAS in the core gameplay. Wallbouncing was promoted by TC during Gears 4 and now it’s not even relevant anymore. Just look at your enemy and pull the trigger. No need to even go in cover. The meta in this game to get kills is just flat out boring. The game was supposed to feel like an achievement when you got your kills. We all should have seen this coming when they removed kills in favor for elims. I’m sorry TC I was a big fan but now I can’t even give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

We’ve been saying this for a bit second

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