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Didn’t get Tonight Skins

(Xx Onyx Lion xX) #1

Tonight I didn’t receive either skin after retweeting . What’s up with this man. I don’t have the drop or the long shot .

(GhostofDelta2) #2

I got both the skins and didn’t retweet anything. I clicked the claim skin link. Did you do the latter part?


you also must claim in the quest tab after retweeting, you did that?

(Xx Onyx Lion xX) #4

Yep I clicked the claim button it said claimed . Not sure what happened .


maybe you can get a answer here Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins? Post here!

(Belkain) #7

Next time I suggest you take a screenshot showing your gamertag/username along the “claiming reward” or" reward claimed" message.

As it is, your only chance would be someone at TC to manually verify you were actually watching the stream. With a picture there’s little doubt to be had (and to those thinking of photoshop you might as well watch the stream, should be easier).

Also you can check card companion to see if you actually got the skin, I checked 10 seconds after claiming the skin and it was there.

(cribbel) #8

If you live in Europe and work. its impossible to get them. due to the time it shows. they should be able to show a replay for all the europeans. So we have a chance on watching the show and claim rewards aswell. I mean why not? ofcourse we can watch the replay if someone has uploaded the videos. But come on.

(mendigo2005) #9

I notice they load a bit before finally claiming.

Sometimes I have to try a second time, but never failed me.

About the time: I’m lucky, these events start 9pm for me.


Good luck getting those skins. I couldn’t claim district gnasher skin a week ago so I posted on the missing skins forum but I never received it. I think the missing skins forum is for Esports skins that people pay for?

(LesserWarrior) #11

odd since I got mine right away.

(Gnashty Damerch) #12

No, it should be for what you described first.

(EVIL 0NE) #13

Please use the link suggested above: HERE and someone will investigate your issue…
Please read the full details of the original post…

Thank you

(EVIL 0NE) closed #14