Didn’t get master weapon skins for Operation 2

I’m masters in KOTH and TDM, I’ve hit masters multiple times and only received the diamond weapon skin :frowning:

Edit: Didn’t receive Master skins for Operation 2, only got up to Onyx skins instead of Master.

Same tho. They said it could take a couple weeks buuut at this point I’m genuinely worried lol. Is there even anywhere to see our ranks for past Seasons? So I have proof I hit it, in case they try to not cough it up?

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I remember they said it will take up to 2 weeks to roll out the skins…

I believe they said it could take up to a couple of weeks to provision the rank rewards to everyone.

Yeah, what those other guys said.

Yeah I heard them say that but I got all the other skins just not masters, that’s why I’m worried

Because you have to spend at least 20k iron for TC to acknowledge you

Wait you got all the skins, except Masters? I didn’t get any of them, the ■■■■ lol.

Yeah that’s what I’m saying though, why would I get all the other skins except masters

Wtfff, definitely something weird going on lol. I guess we’ll see? I dunno, I don’t have a lot of faith right now.

No silver skin either, missing masters and silver rank skin

Haven’t got my diamond lancer either was diamond 3 top 4% in koth feelsbad and diamond 2 in TDM

That gold lancer looks dope. Is it shiny too?

Very shiny, I had all my skins as gold in Gears 4 as they look the best I think

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Out of curiosity, did you get all the Breaker Mace skins too? Or just the Lancer ones? I only ever got the Master Breaker Mace, none of the others.

I was Masters in KOTH,

Gold in Guardian (couldn’t find games)


Only got the Bronze to Gold Skins.

No Onyx, Diamond or Masters.

Guess it didn’t count my KOTH rank.

I only placed in KotH, so maybe for whatever reason KotH skins didn’t go out (yet)? Which would explain why I didn’t get any and you’re missing Onyx-Masters.

My best guess is they are doing a rolling release. So just wait for now

I got the breaker mace skin the week they released it like two months ago

Skins just rolled out for me. Got Masters Lancer, Mace (again), and Boltok.